Texas Rio Grande Valley & Southeast Arizona May 1997 Bird Report
Birding Trip Report
Texas Rio Grande Valley and Southeast Arizona
May 1997
Bob and Sharon Lutman
San Jose, California

My wife Sharon and I recently completed a thirty-day family-visiting and birding vacation in our 23-foot Fifth Wheel trailer, pulled by an '89 Chevy pickup truck. Our method is to set the trailer up in an RV, state, or national park, then move from local spot-to-spot in our pickup, taking our birding and hiking equipment and a lunch along. We use our Birder Guide Books to make overall trip plans, and the ABA hotline numbers to make short term daily changes, as desired. In a nutshell, I'm the planner and Sharon's the spotter.

We had 338 birds on our life list at the start of our trip, and hoped to pick up 40-50 new birds, with an outside chance of reaching 400 lifers during the trip. But that would take 62 new birds. Not very likely, I thought.

For this trip, with some exceptions, I basically reported only the new lifers we saw. Next time, I'll include all the interesting birds whether they're lifers or not.

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