Lutmans' Tropics 2000 Trip Reports.

FLORIDA (April 7 - April 16)

Rpt 1: April 7-April 10, South Miami, The Florida Keys, The Everglades
Rpt 2: April 11-April 13 Everglades, Naples, Venice, St. Petersburg
Rpt 3: April 14-April 16 Ocala National Forest, Savannah Recreation Area, Loxahatchee, South Miami

TRINIDAD (April 17 - April 25)

(Rpt 4: April 17, Asa Wright Arrival, First Glimpses
Rpt 5: April 18, Asa Wright Introductory Guided Walk
Rpt 6: April 19, Driving Blanchisseuse Road to the North Coast, Asa Wright Night Walk
Rpt 7: April 20, The Oilbirds, The Agricultural Research Station Grasslands
Rpt 8: April 21, The Scarlet Ibis at Caroni Swamp
Rpt 9: April 22, Mt. St. Benedict Trail, Aripo Savannah
Rpt 10: April 23, Arena Forest
Rpt 11: April 24-April 25 AM Guide David, Blanchisseuse Road, Lalaja Trace

TOBAGO (April 25 - April 28)

Rpt 12: April 25 PM-April 26, Trinidad's Waller Field, Moving to Tobago, Blue Waters Inn, Local Birding
Rpt 13: April 27-April 28) Just the Facts Jack, Back on Track with Guide Newton George, Gilpin Trace

ST. LUCIA(April 29 - May 3)

Rpt 14: April 29-April 30, Moving to St. Lucia, Forestry Nature Center, Guide Donald
Rpt 15: May 1, Guide Donald Anthony, the St. Lucia [Rain]Forest Reserve,
Rpt 16: May 2, A Touristy Trip to Soufriere, the Hustler and the Mechanic, the Drive-in Volcano
Rpt 17: May 3) St. Lucia Island: Eastern Side, Southern Tip

BELIZE (May 5 - May 13)

(Rpt 18: May 5, Arriving in Belize, Small Plane to Gallon Jug, Intro to Chan Chich, Our Cabana, First Trail
Rpt 19: May 6, Wrong Turn Off of the River Trail, Premier Guide Gilberto,
Rpt 20: May 7, Day Trip to Lamanai Mayan Ruins
Rpt 21: May 8, Laguna Seca with Jose, The Jaguar, The Night Ride
Rpt 22: May 9, More Trail Birding with Gilberto, and With Sharon
Rpt 23: May 10, Guide Rick, the Singing Quail, The Cotinga
Rpt 24: May 11-May 13) Day Trip to the Escarpment, Last Afternoon Trail Birding, To Belize City, The Zoo


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