NOTE: All photos were taken with my Sony DSC-P1 digital camera, then uploaded to my laptop, then fed through Adobe Photoshop to crop, darken, lighten, and shrink so the biggest dimension is about 3.5 inches. Finally, the resolution was changed to 72 dpi, which is all that a computer monitor needs.

Sharon, through window of old house in former Greek village, south of Ephesus

Sunset through reeds at Lake Koycegiz

We check out of Hotel Kaunos, in Koycegiz. Purple rules the morning.

Techno-photography! My GPS almost a mile high.

View across the bay from our hotel room in Antalya.

Tara and future cousin Sena

Cihan's baba (dad) Kemal "asks" for my approval for Tara to marry Cihan.

After Tara winks me the "OK," I say YES.

Sena takes a great photo of the rest of us.

Our cool Mediterranean fishing boat.

My big fish (That's NOT the bait).

Ross's big fish (That's not bait, either. I'm SERIOUS)

Finally we land a big one. Cihan's friend (Tufan), Ross and Cihan's dad (Kemal) can barely lift the Barmunya.
This is way better than that stupid huge fake cat going around the internet.

And here's the picture again, taking from a different dimension:

Tara fits right in with Cihan's mom Aysel (center) and her three sisters.

Tara can't help showing off that RING.

Cihan - protectore supremo - with Carrie and Tara.

You can't believe how slick the floors are in the Antalya Museum.

Synchronized falling.

The Engagement Ceremony: Cihan's sister Canan, her husband Metin, and Carrie

The rest of the group, waiting for big fish.

Tara with Uncle Nedim and his daughters Suna and Sena, and Sharon

Cihan with Leila, Tufan and Carrie.

Cihan's childhood friend Ur, with his cute wife. Both Turkish, they met in America.

The ring and ribbon ceremony is about to start, performed by Uncle Nedim.

First goes Tara's ring. Next will come Cihan's. Then Nedim will cut the ribbon connecting the rings.

The first toast of the engaged couple, Cihan and Tara.

Tara does the tradition of cutting of short strips of the ribbon, for unmarried girls (Suna waits in this picture). The shorter the ribbon length, the sooner that they will become engaged. Mothers shouted, "Cut her a long one, Tara!"

When Tara was little, I used to give her a big "Turkey Push," as I called it, which meant that I ran under the swing and pushed her high into the sky. All the way to Turkey, I see now.

Tufan, in his ceramic art studio, with four of his wonderful long-legged birds.

We move up to Isparta, then on to Lake Egirdir, where Ross and I are taken into the reeds on a fishing trip. The boat captain looks back to see that we're positioned properly. We apparently are NOT because we don't even get a bite.

Sunset from the top floor restaurant in our hotel in Egirdir.

We bump into wild donkeys on the way around Lake Egirdir.

White Stork flying over grain near Lake Egirdir

Young father picks up hay with his opposed-tine pitchfork, while his son runs across the field... demonstrate the old wooden rake.

A short distance down the road, we see an older man cutting with his scythe. I figure it's the grandfather.

We drive to Uludag, and the setting sun's rays catch the side of this pink ski lodge.

Leaving Uludag, we come upon a man selling cherries, using this clever display to attract passersby.


Next day, Cihan bargains with store owner over pashmina prices.

But the reality is, they are also friends.

Cihan helps Sharon bargain for silver earrings and other goodies.

The ladies find a costume shop.

We eat at a famous fish restaurant that night, where a young fellow walks back and forth, hoping to sell this
model boat to tourists. Not here, Jack.

Your neighborhood ice cream truck delivery man never looked like this.

The drive through Thrace (European Turkey) to the Black Sea reveals great fields of sunflowers. You're not
in Kansas any more.

Cihan and Ross come out of the Hamam (Turkish Bath) steam room for a picture.

Ross and Cihan's masseurs join the Hamam manager for this picture.

A fountain is the center of the waiting area.

Tara's on the phone, talking to her sister Maureen, across the world in San Jose, the morning Sharon and I are about to leave Istanbul.

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