BIRDERS' NOTE: The first time we see a bird on this trip, the name will be in upper case (e.g. CAPERCAILLIE). Subsequent times will be in title case, with the first letter of each word in caps (e.g.Capercaillie). If the first time we see the bird, AND it's a life bird, never seen or heard by us before, I will put an asterisk (*) behind the upper case name (e.g. BLACK GROUSE*). Birding sites will be in italics, like Frensham Commons.

READER'S NOTE: If my wife Sharon has additional comments, they will be in [square brackets].

WEBSITE READERS' NOTE: As an experiment, I have included the photos right in the trip report, rather than providing a link to the photo. The bad news: if you just want to read text, sometimes you may get stuck waiting for a picture to come up. The good news: if you want to see the photos, you don't have to click a link, then wait for the photo to come up.


In the spring of 2001, my wife Sharon, our friend Nancy Burlingame and I flew to London for a 12-day London-Stonehenge-Windsor-Sleep-in-a-Castle Trip. The original intention at the end of that trip was for Nancy to fly to Greece to continue her vacation (which she did) while Sharon and I were going to take the trip you will read about below.

The terrible foot and mouth disease outbreak in Great Britain shut down all the birding trails, so we were forced to postpone that second portion to this year, 2002, when the epidemic was over and the trails were open again. It was wonderful to see all the lambs and calves after reading about last year's disaster.

Color Map of Britain. Shows motorhome track, sleep locations and dates.
Trip Report 1. Flight from San Francisco. London Arrival. Motorhome. First Birding. April 1-3
Trip Report 2. Pagham to Prawle. Southern England Coast. April 4-6
Trip Report 3. 500-Pound Bird. St. Michael's Mount. Birding. Southwest England. April 7-9
Trip Report 4. The Kids in Bristol. Into Wales. Great Birds. April 10-12
Trip Report 5. Great Birds. Great Scot. Into Scotland. April 13-15
Trip Report 6. Isle of Mull. Northern Scotland. Cairngorm Mountains. April 16-18
Trip Report 7. Capers. Cresties. No Grousing. More Northern Scotland. April 19-21
Trip Report 8. Geese. Edinburgh. Hadrian's Wall. Southern Scotland. April 22-24
Trip Report 9. Problems. Clumber Park. Blacktoft Sands. Humber Bridge. Bempton Cliffs. Back into England. April 25-27
Trip Report 10.White Horse. The Strid. Belvide Reservoir. Northern England and Midlands. April 28-30
Trip Report 11. Heaths. Woodcock. Titchwell. Goldens. Norfolk County. May 1-3
Trip Report 12. Crackin' Bird. Migrant. Reedy Flight. Norfolk and Suffolk Counties. May 4-6
Trip Report 13. Good Birds. Hannah's B&B. Pheasants. End of Birding. Warwick Castle. May 7-9
Trip Report 14. Trip Windup. No Birding. May 10-12
Trip Report 15. The Last Report. Bird Summaries.

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