Friday, May 10, 2002 thru Sunday, May 12, 2002. Last Three Days.


Birders: No birding in this report.

We enjoy a sleep-in, a leisurely breakfast, and then we begin the work of cleaning up the motorhome, throwing away six weeks of accumulated junk. I fire off the last trip report from the UK, Number 13.

We continue our cleanup Friday evening and Saturday morning, alternating that with packing our luggage, then we turn in the motorhome at Elite Motorhomes in Banbury, northwest of London. Sharon enjoys the black tulips.

We do an even swap of all the trouble we've had for the various scratches, dings and rub marks I've put on the motorhome. I'm delighted. I DO pay for the broken mirror, which is about $200. We say goodbye to Mark, standing beside the broken mirror.

The same driver who delivered us from Heathrow to Elite picks us up and delivers us to the hotel recommended to us by the managers of Bo Peep Farm Caravan Park - Thistle Heathrow.

We have hot showers, a nice dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday, and take the shuttle to Heathrow, Terminal 3, United Airlines Saturday about 11 am. We check in our three big bags, and carry on our three little ones, leaving on UA 931 about 2:45 pm, arriving at SFO at about 5:20pm the same day, Sunday, May 12, Mother's Day.

Then an unbelievably long white limo picks us up

and delivers us home in style.

I'll notifiy you when I have updated our website with these trip reports, including our best photos and photos of our best birds. Plus I'll do one final report - a bird summary.

FACTOID OF THE TRIP: We've had a great time sharing our experiences with you all, and I promise we don't think of any of you as "undisclosed recipient." Thanks for coming along. Cheers.

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