Satin Bowerbird's bower. The Satin Bowerbird is extremely deep blue in plumage.
O'Reilly's Rainforest Lodge. Lamington National Park, New South Wales.


Rhinoceros Beatle on Sharon's Hand. We put him on Sharon's shoulder, and when we tried to pick him off, he hissed several times.
Roadside rest stop, south Queensland.


Macleay's Honeyeater at Ivy Cottage.
Paluma, Queensland.


Golden Bowerbird's Bower during light rain. Pale yellow material is lichen.
Trail near The Crater in Crater National Park, Queensland.



Australian Bustard.
Julatten, Queensland.


Great Bowerbird's Bower. Near a school crosswalk.
Mt. Molloy, Queensland.


Shame your termites out of your house with this photo.
Cape York, Queensland,


Northernmost point of Australian continent. Camera self-timer angle slightly off. Bob heading to adjust.
Cape York, Queensland


Snake that moved Sharon to calmly scream the words: "Snake! Snake! Snake!" Prompting the snake to think: "Scaredy Cats!"
Punsand Beach area, Cape York, Queensland. (Frank O'Connor, Western Australia bird and nature gujide, adds that he first thought it was a Red-bellied Black Snake, but his field guide doesn't show them that far north, so he then thought it might be a Taipan, but is not familiar with the bands on the flank. So we'll just say for now that Sharon was right when she said it was a SNAKE!!).


Spotted Bowerbird's bower under a Conkaberry bush. Shown to us by Bob Forsythe, premier Mt. Isa birder
Mt. Isa, Queensland


The Devil's Marbles National Monument.
Northern Territory.


Camel Outback Safaris
Stuart Wells, about 60 km south of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.


Ayers Rock (aboriginal name: Uluru) sunset.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory


Ayers Rock pre-sunrise from "dark" side.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory


A piece of Ayers Rock.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory


57th Anniversary of Bob's first windmill climb.
Rest stop. Northern Territory.




Western Bowerbird bower. Parks and Wildlife grounds. Fifteen feet from a similar bower. Three male Western Bowerbirds attend these two bowers. A third bower had been totally dismantled by one or more bowerbirds. One of the males made several trips to it for materials used in maintenanceof the bowers..
Alice Springs, Northern Territory.


Western Bowerbird bower. Alice Springs Old Telegraph Station.
Alice Springs, Northern Territory


Serpentine Gorge trail.
Serpentine Gorge, about 100 km west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory


Major Mitchell's Cockatoo (now officially named Pink Cockatoo). (Changed back to Major Mitchell's)
Entrance drive to Serpentine Gorge, Northern Territory


Mulga Ant "Hill" in mulga (a type of acacia) habitat. Mulga ants are mostly nocturnal.
Entrance road to Simpson's Gap, about 40 km west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.


Self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia.
Wycliffe Wells, Northern Territory


The new Ghan Railroad, which extends the existing Adelaide-to-Alice Springs line north to Darwin, at the Top End of Australia. The ties, called "sleepers" here, are of concrete, and there are 2 million of them in the new railroad..
Near Katherine, Northern Territory.

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