BEST PHOTOS, 10th SET - New South Wales.

We can't get through THIS way. Trying for Glossy Black-cockatoo (successful).
Goonoo State Forest, Frost Road, northeast of Dubbo, NSW


"The Slab" (my nickname for it), one of six perpetually underwater causeways.
Road to Gloucester Tops, Gloucester, NSW


Christmas Down Under. I'm worried about my new 60 year old memory. I don't remember Santa looking like this.
Taree, NSW


With mosquito netting on, Bob points to the hole in the ozone layer
Old Great North Road, across Hawkesbury River from Wiseman's Ferry, NSW


The top of the air conditioner is 3.5 meters, or about 11.5 feet. That's a tall tree!
Mitchell Park, northwest of Sydney, NSW


Bob, Sharon and Gabi, who did all the emails with us when we booked the motorhome from the U.S.
Around Australia Motorhomes, aka Coolabah Motorhomes.
Thornleigh, northwest of Sydney, NSW


Our ride to the airport, went through Sydney
Sydney, NSW.


Sunset from our seats on the top deck, Qantas 747-400, Flight QF 107, Sydney to Los Angeles.
Over the Pacific Ocean, Southern Hemisphere

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