BEST PHOTOS, 7th SET - The Grampians, Clunes, Melbourne Environs,
Towards Deniliquin

A rare bit of sunshine.
Boroka Overlook, The Grampians (Mountain Range), NW of Melbourne, Victoria


Bob tells the Crimson Rosella, "The food is over there."
Lake Bellfield, The Grampians, Victoria


Sharon inspects a rock overhang
Halls Gap to Splitters Falls trail, The Grampians, Victoria


Sharon removing the chock, which keeps the motorhome from rolling, necessitated by inoperable hand brake.
Boroka Lookout carpark, The Grampians, Victoria


Three kids checking out a short-beaked echidna, who pretty much ignores them
Boroka Overlook carpark, The Grampians, Victoria


Are you echidna me?
Boroka Overlook carpark, The Grampians, Victoria


Sharon: "Back up just a little more."
Reed Overlook, The Grampians, Victoria


Sharon proofreading Trip Report 26
Godbehears Mercedes Benz, Ballarat, Victoria


Sharon looking good in Australia yellow and green
Mt. Beckworth, Clunes, Victoria


Australians love horses
Mt. Beckworth area, near Clunes, Victoria


TV displays Melbourne Cup winner - "Makybe Diva", Number 12
The TAB (betting parlor and pub), Clunes, Victoria


Look who has the winner


Here's the ticket


Sharon turns in her $5 winning ticket, worth $45.50.


Road sign says watch out for Superb Lyrebirds. We saw four, none of which we ran over.
Road above Upper Ferntree Gully, The Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne, Victoria


Sign at trailhead leading from Valley Picnic Area.
You have to look down for snakes, and now up for falling limbs!
The Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne, Victoria


Sulfur-crested Cockatoos and Crimson Rosellas,
Sherbrooke Forest, The Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne, Victoria


Interesting casts. What made these? We suspect either Land Yabbies or Giant Worms. Anybody? Anybody?
Sherbrooke Forest trail, The Dandenongs, east of Melbourne, Victoria


Wombats are way cuter than we were expecting. The offical name is Common Wombat.
Sherbrooke Forest, The Dandenong Ranges, Victoria


Scene along Tidal River boardwalk,
Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria


Nice combination look-out-for sign (Kangaroo and Emu - we saw emus around corner)
Road leading in to Wilsons Promontory NP, Victoria


Another wombat
Wilsons Promontory NP, Victoria


Little Penguins come in each evening to their burrows at a famous place called Penguin Parade,
West end of Phillip Island, south of Melbourne, Victoria


Sharon next to life-size photo of a Giant Worm.
The only way I got Sharon to Australia was to promise her that we would go here -
well, that plus I bet her we wouldn't see any snakes (Last count: 11 snakes).
Giant Worm Museum, Grantville, southeast of Melbourne, Victoria


Sharon holding a Yabbie, which answers her question, "What is a Yabbie?"
A minute later, this fellow accidentally (we presume) pulled one of his own claws off with the other one.
Picnic Point Caravan Park on the Murray River, about 30 km south of Deniliquin, southwest NSW

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