BEST PHOTOS, 8th SET - Plainswandering, To Tasmania, Melaleuca, French Dining, Into New South Wales.

Sunset on the Plains
North of Deniliquin, NSW


Phil and Sharon, with a Legless Scalyfoot Phil spotted on the highway, driving home
North of Deniliquin, NSW


Famous and Top Birding Guide Phil Maher, Midnight
North of Deniliquin, NSW


Sharon demo's our cabin on the Spirit of Tasmania I
In the port, Melbourne, Victoria


Arrival scenery
Devonport, Tasmania


"Normal" Wallaby near caravan park
Adventure Beach, South Bruny Island, Tasmania


Albino, or White Wallaby
Adventure Bay Caravan Park, South Bruny Island, Tasmania


Jonah, er, Sharon
Adventure Bay Caravan Park, South Bruny Island, Tasmania


Sharon, after we saw the rare and endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote
McGracken's Gully, North Bruny Island, Tasmania


The endangered Orange-bellied Parrot
Melaleuca, wild southwest corner of Tasmania


Beautiful Firetail on feeder, through spotting scope
Melaleuca, southwest corner of Tasmania


Sharon, flying high after we saw Orange-bellied Parrot,
Beautiful Firetail, Southern Emu-wren and heard a Ground Parrot.
Melaleuca, southwest corner of Tasmania


French Restaurant owned by our new friend Jean-Paul
Melbourne, Victoria


Motorcycle full scale model, made of wood
Petrol stop, somewhere in south Tasmania


We come back to the state where we started our trip
Victoria - New South Wales border, southeast coast.


Pair of Superb Lyrebirds, left one fed grubs and worms to right one
Fitzroy Falls National Park walking track, New South Wales


Foggy, Windy, Wet and Wild Twin Falls (the twin is out of sight, to the right)
Fitzroy Falls National Park, New South Wales


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