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Most Beautiful Bird: Tie: Resplendent Quetzal, Golden-Browed Chlorophonia
Best Photograph: Rancho Naturalista Cloudforest
Rarest Bird: Great Green Macaw
Best Guide: Now What Kind of a Question is That?
Most Tired Of Seeing: Tie: Chestnut-Sided Warbler, Common Bush-Tanager
Biggest Surprise: Half of all birds were lifers vs. expected one-third
Most Incredible: Sunbittern
Poorest Claim On A New Bird: Whistling Wren, at Rancho Naturalista
Best Response: Bosque De Paz Bird Guide Benny, saying "Sorry" when we said we were 61.
Best Decision: Having Drivers instead of Renting Car
Worst Decision:: Going to Monteverde Instead of Savegre. Monteverde was OK though.
Most Embarrassing ID: Bob Yelling "Crane Hawk" at a Mangrove Blackhawk in Company of Guide Steven Easley
Most Consecutive Report Paragraphs Beginning With Same Word: 7
... and the Word: We
... and the Site: Rancho Naturalista. You can look it up.
Best Site: Rancho Naturalista
Most Peaceful Site: Bosque de Paz
Best City Scene: Sculpted Bushes In Zar Cerro Park, By Church
Best Hummer: Snowcap, Scintillant Hummer
Best Quetzal: Quetzal
Best Trogon: Tie: Baird's, Orange-Bellied
Best Toucan: Fiery-Billed Aracari
Best Kingfisher: American Pygmy
Best Antbird: Spotted
Best Manakin: Long-Tailed
Best Flycatcher: Tie: Torrent Tyrannulet, Long-Tailed Tyrant
Best Wren: Banded-Backed
Best Miscellaneous: Long-Tailed Silky Flycatcher
Best Warbler: Flame-Throated
Best Euphonia: Yellow-Crowned
Best Honeycreeper: Shining
Best Tanager: Tie: Crimson-Collared, Scarlet-Rumped
Most Elegant: Chestnut-Capped Brush-Finch
Best Grassbird: Variable Seedeater
Best Parrot: Great Green Macaw
Best Raptor: Crane Hawk
Best Owl: Black-And-White Owl
Best Nightjar: Lesser Nighthawk
Best Bird By Ourselves: Golden Browed Chlorophonia, Rufous Motmot
Spookiest Bird: Pauraque, fluttering in dark in front of our faces on forest path in Villa Lapas
Best Snake: Coral
Best Frog: Tie: Black and Green Poison Dart Frog, Red and Blue Poison Dart Frog


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