Bird List, as Seen

Note: '*' indicates a life bird. 'h' is heard-only

Hotel Bougainvillea, San Jose

brown jay
clay-colored robin
rufous-tailed hummingbird*
white-eared ground-sparrow*
house wren
turkey vulture
blue-crowned motmot
wilson's warbler
rufous-collared sparrow*
bronzed cowbird
grayish saltator
inca dove
hoffman's woodpecker*
blue-gray tanager

Enroute to Villa Lapas

great-tailed grackle
cattle egret
scarlet macaw*
black vulture
little blue heron
ruddy ground-dove
northern jacana*

Villa Lapas/Mangrove Boat Trip/Carara NP/Tarcol Mangroves
(Eighty percent with Premier Bird Guide Steven Easley, from CRGateway)

great kiskadee
golden-hooded tanager*
gray-capped flycatcher*
rose-breasted grosbeak
social flycatcher
steely-vented hummingbird*
palm tanager
western tanager
yellow warbler
white ibis
bare-throated tiger-heron
dot-winged antwren
slaty-tailed trogon
baird's trogon*
chestnut-backed antbird*
dark-hooded antshrike*
wedge-billed woodcreeper
cocoa woodcreeper*
great tinamou*
sulfur-rumped flycatcher
gray-chested dove*
chestnut-sided warbler
ruddy-tailed flycatcher*
short-billed pigeon
white-collared swift*
white-whiskered puffbird*
plain xenops*
greenish elaenia
red-capped manakin
blue-crowned manakin*
blue-throated golden-tail*
slaty antwren*
barn swallow
streak-chested antpitta*
chestnut-mandibled toucan*
neotropic cormorant
mangrove swallow*
great blue heron
tricolored heron
green kingfisher
spotted sandpiper
cinnamon becard
cherrie's tanager*
baltimore oriole
melodious blackbird
rose-throated becard*
turquoise-browed motmot*
yellow-crowned night-heron
northern rough-winged swallow
snowy egret
wood stork
roseate spoonbill
black-bellied whistling-duck
black-necked stilt
boat-billed heron*
zone-tailed hawk
red-winged blackbird
green heron
groove-billed ani
gray-cheasted martin
ruby-throated hummingbird
belted kingfisher
mangrove blackhawk*
semi-palmated plover
prothonotary warbler
mangrove warbler*
red-billed pigeon
tropical pewee
common tody-flycatcher
rufous-browed peppershrike (h)
american redstart
bright-rumped attila*
mangrove cuckoo
orange-fronted parakeet*
american pygmy kingfisher*
magnificent frigatebird
ringed kingfisher
black-bellied plover
brown pelican
ruddy turnstone
wilson's plover
least sandpiper
laughing gull
elegant tern
sandwich tern
royal tern
western sandpiper
black skimmer
common paurauque
rufous-capped warbler*
white-tipped dove
gray-headed tanager
swainson's thrush
long-tailed manakin*
buff-throated saltator*
tennessee warbler
violaceous trogon
yellow-olive flycatcher
green-breasted mango*
slate-headed tody-tyrant*
dusky antbird
canivet's emerald*
brown-crested flycatcher
boat-billed flycatcher
rufous-naped wren*
rufous and white wren*
scrub euphonia*
tropical kingbird
yellow-bellied flycatcher
northern waterthrush
long-billed gnatwren
band-tailed barbthroat*
northern bentbill
white-shouldered tanager
yellow-throated euphonia
orange-collared manakin*
variable seed-eater*
scaly-breasted hummingbird*
summer tanager
southern beardless tyrannulet
rufous-breasted wren
western long-tailed hermit*
red-legged honeycreeper
kentucky warbler
streaked flycatcher
lesser greenlet
tropical gnatcatcher*
stripe-throated hermit*
streak-headed woodcreeper*
painted bunting
squirrel cuckoo
mangrove vireo (h)*
orchard oriole
northern scrub flycatcher*
crane hawk*
lesser nighthawk*
mangrove hummingbird*
blue-black grassquit
lineated woodpecker
fiery-billed aracari*
black-headed trogon
double-toothed kite
rufous-tailed jacamar
black-throated trogon*
riverside wren*
pale-billed woodpecker
buff-rumped warbler*
band-tailed pigeon
crested guan
orange-billed sparrow*
masked tityra

Enroute to Monteverde

black-and-white owl*
crested caracara

Monteverde/Santa Elena/Skywalk/Hotel Montana
(Most with Bird Guides Elvin Rodriguez and Bernal)

emerald toucanet
yellow-faced grassquit*
blue-and-white swallow*
purple-throated mountain-gem*
green hermit
green-crowned brilliant*
violet saberwing*
stripe-tailed hummingbird*
coppery-headed emerald*
common bush-tanager*
black-breasted wood-quail*
gray-breasted wood-wren*
smoky-brown woodpecker*
black-faced solitaire*
black-and-white warbler
slaty-backed nightingale-thrush*
silvery-fronted tapaculo (h)*
chestnut-capped brush-finch*
ochraceous wren*
ruddy treerunner*
spotted barbtail*
three-striped warbler*
magenta-throated woodstar*
green violet-ear*
yellowish flycatcher*
spangled-cheeked tanager*
black guan*
collared redstart*
bare-shanked screech-owl*
silver-throated tanager *
wood thrush
black-throated green warbler
resplendent quetzal*
azure-hooded jay*
tufted flycatcher*
golden-winged warbler
slate-throated redstart*
prong-billed barbet*
lineated foliage-gleaner*
spotted woodcreeper*
olivaceous woodcreeper*
plain wren*
yellow-throated brush-finch*
white-throated robin

Enroute to Rancho Naturalista

blue-winged teal

Rancho Naturalista/Tuis River Valley
(80% with excellent lodge bird guides Roelf Hovinga and Jason Horn)

gray-headed chachalaca*
white-necked jacobin
montezuma oropendula
crowned woodnymph*
green thorntail*
chestnut-headed oropendula*
black-cheeked woodpecker
passerini's tanager*
scarlet-rumped cacique*
yellow-billed cacique*
white-lined tanager
purple-crowned fairy
whistling wren (poor)*
black-crowned saltator
little tinamou (h)*
brown violet-ear*
paltry tyrannulet*
broad-winged hawk
southern rough-winged swallow
barred hawk*
crimson-collared tanager*
white-crowned parrot
keel-billed toucan
bay wren (h)*
black-crowned tityra*
yellow-throated vireo
collared aracari
torrent tyrannulet*
sulfur-winged parakeets*
stripe-breasted wren (h)*
black phoebe
golden olive woodpecker*
brown-hooded parrot
black-crested coquette*
golden-crowned warbler
mourning warbler
thicket antpitta (h)*
white-collared manakin*
scale-crested pygmy-tyrant (h)*
bay-headed tanager*
plain-brown woodcreeper*
barred forest-falcon
immaculate antbird*
white-breasted wood-wren*
spotted antbird*
yellow-bellied elaenia*
black-throated wren (h)*
dull-mantled antbird*
tropical parula
black-striped sparrow*
rufous motmot*

Enroute to Selva Verde

house sparrow
amazon kingfisher*
purple gallinule

Selva Verde/La Selva
(80% with bird guides. La Selva Guide Leo - 65%. Selva Verde bird guide Gilbert -15%).

red-throated ant-tanager*
red-footed plummeteer*
black-cowled oriole
semi-plumbeous hawk*
gray-rumped swift
great crested flycatcher
red-lored parrot
fasciated antshrike*
orange-chinned parakeet (flyover)*
long-tailed tyrant*
chestnut-colored woodpecker
scarlet-thighed dacnis*
green honeycreeper
olive-backed euphonia
shining honeycreeper*
great green macaw*
yellow-tailed oriole
yellow-crowned euphonia*
blue dacnis
banded-backed wren*
black-capped pygmy-tyrant*
dusky-faced tanager (h)*
great potoo*
olive-throated parakeet (h)
mealy parrot
alder flycatcher
blue-black grosbeak (h)
white-necked puffbird*
piratic flycatcher
barred woodcreeper*
olive-crowned yellowthroat*
great egret

Bosque de Paz
(Half with excellent young Bosque de Paz bird guide Benicio)

short-tailed hawk
scintillant hummingbird*
ruddy-capped nightingale-thrush*
vaux's swift
hairy woodpecker
dark pewee*
mountain elaenia*
american dipper
flame-throated warbler*
magnificent hummingbird
highland tinamou*
slaty flowerpiercer*
yellow-thighed finch*
golden-browed chlorophonia*
long-tailed silky-flycatcher*
orange-bellied trogon*
red-faced spinetail*
mountain robin*
golden-bellied flycatcher (h)*
barred becard*

Hotel Bougainvillea, San Jose
(courtesy of a birding group with a scope zeroed in)

ferruginous pygmy-owl

Costa Rica 2005
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