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Jambo Bwanas and Bibis [I'm still not quite sure about the word Bibi. It may be like saying 'madam', but it sometimes means 'wife' as in 'my wife'],


Saturday, November 4, 2006. Birding Day 2. Nairobi to Lake Naivasha. My 63rd Birthday.


This is a High-casqued Chameleon, brought to us by a local, who was hoping for some tip. I don't know if anybody tipped him or not, but this little fellow is pretty cool. This is at Limuru Pond, between Nairobi and Lake Naivasha.

This is a Montane White-eye, as I recall. Note the -- well you know.


Golden-winged Sunbird. From the internet.


Kids anticipating our lunch leftovers from Kevin and pens, pencils and candy from us.


Mosquito netting probably wasn't needed, and added a nice flavor to the room.


Sunday, November 5, 2006. Birding Day 3. Lake Naivasha Boat Trip.


Here I am behind a common thorn bush of some type. Sharon is destined to step on one.

At Lake Naivasha, there is a wonderful pair of signs, about ten feet from each other. The first says, "Dangerous Animals," and the second says, "Children's Playground." Excellent stuff. I asked about the signs at the front desk. The charming lady said, "The dangerous animals only come at night, and the children only play in the day." So it's not so ironic as it sounds.

A wonderful Pied Kingfisher waits for movement in Lake Naivasha.

The highlight of our Lake Naivasha boat trip is seen in this photo. Greater Flamingos, and Ooh, the Pink!

Now you may think the hippo on the left is about to bite the other one on the butt. I never thought that.

Here's a fabulous Long-crested Eagle. The feathers of the crest stick straight up. Sometimes it gets so tall that it bends over, and always to the front. Photo near Lake Naivasha.

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