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Monday, November 6, 2006. Birding Day 4. Birding Baringo.

The view from our Room 9 at Baringo Country Club.

Early Morning Sunrise.

The beautiful White-faced Scops Owl, if we may call an owl beautiful. Shot through one of the spotting scopes. This bird had been "staked out", meaning located ahead of time, by local guides, hired by Steven and Kevin to help them.

A pair of Superb Starlings at the morning bird feeder at Naivasha Country Club.

The Common Ostrich, in the dry desert-like country around Lake Baringo.

The not-so-beautiful, charming-through-ugliness African Scops Owl. This bird had been "staked out" also. We loved the owls, active at night, sleeping in the day.



Tuesday, November 7, 2006. Birding Day 5. Baringo to Kakamega Forest in West Kenya.


White Morph of African Paradise Flycatcher. From the internet.


We borrowed this young fellow's mantra all through the rest of the tour, always in fun and as inappropriately as possible. He came running at us on this water pipeline, shouting in a demanding little voice, "GIVE ME MY MONEY!" We were outa there before he ever got to us.


This is a typical scene in the small towns we went through. A sign "HOTEL" seemed to be on the least desirable type of building you can imagine. What's below a one-star hotel? We shuddered at the thought of having to sleep in one of these. I think I'd just stay up all night.

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