Friday, November 10 2006. Birding Day 8. Lake Victoria, Kisumu, Nakuru National Park


Hadada Ibis


Later we come to Kericho, an enormous tea-growing center. They have grown their own forest, to supply wood for the fires needed to brew the tea. A small village of orderly houses are the living quarters for workers. The operation is very neat and attractive.

Rows of workers' houses, provided by the tea grower company.

A worker lays down a bag, held open with a spring. He will pick the leaves by hand, throwing them into the bag every time he gets two handsful.


Olive Baboons in Lake Nakuru National Park


White Rhinocerous



Kenyan Dancers perform


Saturday, November 11 2006. Birding Day 9. Lake Nakuru, Thomson's Falls, Gataragwa Cliffs, Solio Ranch, Naro Moru River


The Rothchild's Giraffe comes in different darknesses, if that's a word, as you see here.

It wasn't till a couple of years ago that I learned of the bump on the forehead of giraffes. This one is evident here.

The diminuitive Kirk's Dikdik just makes you wanna pick it up.

This is the fellow that rubs that spot in front of its eye against sticks to mark territory, I think. It makes me want to yell, "You'll put your eye out!"

Lesser Flamingos Mirrored in Lake Nakuru


A pair of Rock Hyraxes


You don't think of the European Starling when you see the Superb Starling. A beautiful bird.


This guy was goofing off, and wanted me to take his picture, which I did. I showed it to him and he just cracked up, calling his buddies over to see it. Such great laughter.


Frank tells the kids to study hard in school, and make Kenya a better place to live. He is very encouraging to them.

Black-bellied Bustard ready to bluster.


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