ph_Report 7

Monday, November 13, 2006. Birding Day 11. Mountain Lodge, Isiolo, Buffalo Springs Reserve, Samburu National Park

The watering hole. The mud has minerals that the mammals take in by licking. The water appears dirty, but the animals and birds drink from it. The grass is in the shape of Africa, including the island of Madagascar.


We are dressed warmly for the early morning viewing.


Blue Sykes Monkey


Sharon stays close to the armed guard.


Speke's Weaver Nests have been in this tree for decades.

Lesser Masked Weaver asks, "What are YOU looking at?" as she weaves her magic.

We never see the top of Mt. Kenya because of clouds, but we get a partial look.


Little Swifts tending their nests in the entry structure to Samburu National Park.

We notice this interestingly-dressed man during the day, appearing to be standing in a small puddle.

Reticulated Giraffes


Grant's Gazelles


Looking downstream from our stuck van, which was "dry-centered" on a big rock in the river crossing.


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