ph_Report 7 1/2

Early morning fog takes the shape of the mountain peak it covers.

A Beisa Oryx. You gotta love his face.

A pair of Red-billed Hornbills make a nice picture.

A highlight was this Leopard. There were about fifteen Land Rovers and vans around him, all of whom the elegant cat ignored. Smooooth.

The Kori Bustard does an incredible display in breeding season, but we were lucky just to see the bird at all.

You could arrange for a camel ride near Samburu Lodge, but we didn't.

This lioness lost her cubs one year, and adopted a baby Oryx. The incredible thing is that she didn't do it just once, but three separate times.

The Grant's Gazelle in his elegant dress.

Love this shot of an Eastern Yellowbill Hornbill.

This Cape Buffalo calf is the next generation.

An Eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk just as he's leaving his perch.

Turkana Dancers. There was a lot of vertical jumping, to great heights, especially in the case of the extremely tall fellow in the red wrap.

I like the fact that this girl's green dress is a perfect match for the greenery behind.

If you compare this zebra with earlier ones, you will be interested to know that this is not a Common, but rather a Grevy's Zebra. They are the largest zebra, and are endangered. The black and white pattern is totally different from that of the Common Zebra. Sort of dizzying.


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