ph_Report 9

Wednesday, November 15, 2006. Last Birding Day (13). Samburu National Park to Nairobi Again,


Our drivers Peter and Joseph with Sharon.


Vulturine Guineafowl. A rather wild-looking bid, appears to be from outer space or something.


Our van was not the only vehicle to get stuck in the mud.

We are lucky to see elephants on our last day of birding.

A Great Spotted Cuckoo is perched right next to the road. We get great looks.

We pass a woman with a large container of water on her head, standing straight and tall. As I took the photo, I thought she was walking to her home, but I see now that it's a shop she's headed for.

The Water Woman


The Equator Coriolis Effect Demonstrator

A common sight is large rocks in the area between the shops and the road. I believe it's to keep vehicles from parking in front of their shop, which would restrict the visibility of passing tourists to see their goods.


Suddenly the yellow parts of the Yellow-crowned Bishop fluff out very noticeably, and it takes off from its blade of tall grass. He buzzes over the grass and looks just like a big bumble bee, landing after a flight of about twenty feet.

Yellow-crowned Bishop


As my last picture today, I want to show you the most common bird-type photo I take over the course of our trip.

It's called the place where the bird I was after was sitting, just before I clicked the shutter. Maybe it's the Gone-Away-Bird.

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