NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.

Report 1. September 6, 2016. Guide Kevin's Arrival Day. Resting up from the overnight flight.

A hilarious, terrible thing has happened. My digital voice recorder playback is horrible, and nearly unintelligible. Lots of crackles, scratches overlaid on my voice, which is usually pretty quiet, as I'm trying not to disturb people or birds around me. So lots of color commentary, it turns out, is in scratchy black and white and irretrievable. Hamburger!!! I missed the boat on this particular preparation for the trip. Oh well, Sharon has a good memory, so pay extra attention to her {green} comments.

Kevin, our guide, is not here yet. He will arrive in the early evening. He has told us to get in the regular taxi line, and they will take us to our hotel, the Ibis Guarulhos, for $30. It turns out that you have to go to a checkin point, tell them where you want to go, pay the fare ahead of time, then they put you into the next taxi in line. Our driver is a young guy who speaks as much English as we speak Portuguese. But he is friendly and delivers us to the Ibis in about twenty minutes. We don't have any Brazilian Reales (plural of Real, pronounced ree-AL) yet, as Kevin has told us to wait and he can get us the best exchange rate out on the tour. So we intend to charge everything to our room, or to a credit card, eventually paying for our room by credit card. So theoretically we don't need any local cash.

Sharon is sure she sees Capybara in the lake just before our hotel, and I agree. {Our first "trip mammals." There was a decorative lake near the airport and those large brown bodies have to be capybara, don't they?}

It is an overcast day, and here is the view from our 15th story room.


Later, the sun comes out. It seems we have a nice view of the Guarulhos University 'campus' - a 7-8 story building out our window.


It is much more interesting as night begins to fall.


Kevin knocks on our door about 7 pm, and stays an hour or so filling us in on expected events, and catching up in general. After he leaves, Sharon gets into her favorite position, in bed, ready to sleep, with a good book. She is currently reading a James Patterson book. I get this interesting shot, catching both the outside night nights, and her reflection. {I kind of look like a ghost in this picture, floating in midair}



I set up all the electronics to charge my camera battery (I have two, one in the camera and the other always charged and ready to swap in during the day if the first battery runs low). {What he doesn't say is that the first thing he does is plug in a "power strip" so he can charge many items at once. KAPOW!! What was that? He quickly figures out that the power strip cannot be plugged into a 220 socket. The smell in the room is funky and now none of the sockets in the room work. The lights are still on but no power to the sockets. We put in a call to the fromt desk. In about 5-10 minutes there is a knock on the door; a nice smiling maintanence man there. He's smiling because he already reset the circuit breaker for our room and all is fixed before he even enters the room. Now Bob has to put converters into many areas of the room and charge things individually because that power strip is TOAST!} We set the alarm early, as we will meet Kevin for breakfast before he goes to pick up our rental vehicle.

We are excited, especially for me because for a long time, we thought this trip wasn't going to happen. And now here it is.

Life Birds Today: 0
Life Birds on the Trip: 0

Note: A Trip Bird is any species seen for the first time this trip. A Life Bird is a bird we have never encountered before. All Life Birds found are also Trip Birds.

{Blown power strips: 1} Heh heh.

Non-bird Life Forms: Capybara and a whole bunch of Brazilians!


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