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Report 4. Friday, September 9, 2016. Third Birding Day.

OK, OK. So here is some of what we can choose from, for breakfast. Pineapple, papaya, watermelon, ham, several kind of cheeses, and what are all those dessert-like things in the third picture? {CAKE!! I told you there was cake for breakfast. Now here is the challenge. Help yourself to fruit, juice, cheese and ham slices or CAKE!!}


Right across the street from our hotel is the Akikomo Sushi Restaurant. At right is Kevin's 100-400mm zoom lens attached to my Canon 7D Mark II camera. It weighs about seven pounds in this configuration. {WELL, CAN YOU GUESS WHAT BOB MIGHT WANT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY?}


I enjoyed this plant, which is speckled with white, red and orange splotches all over it. The boat at right, anchored in a harbor, attracts two Kelp Gulls. {Driving to our next birding spot, this is about as much of the Atlantic Ocean we will see. It's hard to orient myself to where we are on the earth.}



Ten or so boys rode their bicycles to this soccer field and were playing when we came birding past them. They were all barefoot. {This area is a private Preserve and we come here several times. Got our first Whistling Herons here and the Buff-Throated Purpletuft, which is a bird Bob had on his list of "Birds I really want to see ". The family that lives in this house are kind of Park "keepers" and Keving signs in and pays them a fee when we bird here. Loved the smile on this little girl.}


Now I can't tell for sure, in the picture below left, whether this is George or Ringo, but it's for sure not John or Paul. At right is a photo Kevin took using Sharon's iphone, shot through his scope. It is a Whistling Heron. Sharon later learned this technique herself and shot many great photos and videos that way. {What a wonderful tool Kevin taught me. He will often put the bird in the spotting scope so we can see it really well and being able to take pictures with my phone through the scope is such a bonus. They aren't as good as the ones Bob is getting with the big telephoto lens, but I had the advantage of being able to send pictures back to the States right away so you could see what we were doing.}


After lunch, we stopped for ice cream as I recall, and had our choice of these spoons. At right Kevin and I are searching intently for something. Maybe a bird...

That's it for now.

Life Birds Today (* - indicates a spectacular bird or sighting):

Kelp Gull, Robust Woodpecker, (heard only today, but later seen), Southern Caracara, Maroon-bellied Parakeet, Plain Parakeet, Tufted Antshrike, Star-throated Antwren, Ochre-rumped Antbird (heard only but later seen), Cattle Tyrant, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow*, Buff-throated Purpletuft*, Fawn-breasted Tanager, Double-collared Seedeater.

Upgrades Today:

Spotted Bamboowren (seen today, previously only heard), Spix's Spinetail (seen today, previously only heard), Cliff Flycatcher.

New Non-bird Lifeforms Today: none

Life Birds Today: 13
Life Birds on Trip: 101
Trip Birds Seen Today: 31
Trip BirdsThis Trip: 179

Note: A Trip Bird is any species seen for the first time this trip. A Life Bird is a bird we have never encountered before. All Life Birds found are also Trip Birds.

And so it goes,

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