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Report 8. Tuesday, September 13, 2016. The Lost Photos. Some Great Birds

[Even with my double backup plan, I somehow lost most of the Canon photos from this day. I had put some on Facebook and have retrieved them. And Sharon had taken a couple with her iPhone. I finally figured out that they are in Sharon's iCloud]

We wake up in Hotel do Ype, bird the early morning, and see birds in this order, and at these times, based on the scratchy audio recordings I made: {Bob had trouble understanding the voice recordings. Don't know if it's the problem with the recorder itself or how softly he speaks into it as to not scare the birds. So many evenings, he has me listen to the recording too to see if I can hear what he said. Sometimes it is just "unintelligible"}{Bob response to Sharon's comment: "Oh, it's the recorder. Even when I enter speech with total quiet surroundings, it's still scratchy. Just a failure for use the way I intended. Did I drop this into a lake or something?}

7:10 Black-crested Tyurant
7:12 White-rumped Monjita
7:13 [unintelligible]. Sharon spotted it.
7:52 [unintelligible] Tanager
7:58 [untelligible]
8:00 Brassy-breasted Tanager
8:14 Rufous-tailed Antbird
8:24 Fawn-breasted Tanager
8:36 White-browed Warbler
8:43 White-spotted Woodpecker

We break for breakfast, pack up and leave for Campos do Jordao, our next two nights' destination. On the way, Kevin locates a special area from his memory, gets us there, and we see one of our top targeted birds of the trip.

9:45 Green-crowned Plovercrest {When I first saw this bird in the bird book, I couldn't believe we would see it. Such a beautiful head crest. Kevin said they had to call it "Green-crowned because "crest" was already in its name, in plovercrest. They didn't want to call it Green crested plovercrest. So green crowned even though the green isn't actually on the crown of his head. The birds were in a "lek" which is a display area where they perch and sing for females. They're pretty consistent in where they perch so when we find the area (alright, Kevin finds the area), they "pose" for pictures.}

Sharon took the photo at left with her iPhone through Kevin's scope. I took the one on the right with my camera and Kevin's zoom lens set to maximum 400m. I retrieved it from my Facebook entry.

10:57 Blue-billed Black-Tyrant
11:00 Mouse-covered Tapacula
11:07 Black Hawk-eagle
12:01 Bay-chested Warbling Finch
1:47 Thick-billed Saltator

We stop at the entrance to the National Park, and I admire the Brazilian flag.

We arrive at our lodging in Campos do Jordao for the next two nights, check in, unload, then go back out to a spot Kevin has some nice birds picked out for us.

[Time uncertain] Black-and-Gold Cotinga

Then it gets almost dark. He sets my camera up to record night things. Over the next half hour or 45 minutes, we get

Long-trained Nightjar. Two fly right at us, then around us, then come back. They're like magic. One settles to the ground, and I get this picture, shot in RAW format, and am able to lighten the photo till you can see the bird pretty well. {This was one of the most awe-inspiring moments of the trip. These birds flew around and over us like angels, their long tails gently trailing after them. They stayed for quite a while flying back and forth; two males, probably displaying for females that we didn't see. Silently flying all around us, Beautiful.}


Kevin plays the call of the Rusty-barred Owl and gets a response, far off in the distance (to my ears). We move down the road a bit, to a set of trees where Kevin feels the owl may fly to, in response to his calls. And that's what happens. We get great looks at this bird, then with lots of satisfaction, head off to the Crocodile Restaurant for a nice dinner, the checklist review, then "home". {Great dinner of Trout, with a starter of Hearts-of-Palm salad. The dinner is so big, we buy one and split it 3 ways.}

Here are some restaurant photos:

I dig the Krokodillo napkin


The first photo is Sharon standing in the throat of the beast shooting me, and the second is us in the same locations, but me shooting her. This is the clever restaurant entrance.


Sharon took this photo of me in the road behind our vehicle during the day, but I don't remember the white arrow.


I retrieved this photo from my September 15th Facebook entry:

The unbelievable colors of the Brassy-breasted Tanager.

A great day, even though I lost most of my photos,

Life Birds Today (* - indicates a spectacular bird or sighting):

Spot-winged Wood-quail (heard today, seen later in trip), White-tailed Hawk, Rusty-barred Owl*, Long-trained Nightjar*, Green-crowned Plovercrest*, Rufous-tailed Antbird, Mouse-colored Tapaculo, Sharp-billed Treehunter, Araucaria Tit-Spinetail (heard today, seen tomorrow), Itatiaia Spinetail, Highland Elaenia, Blue-billed Black-Tyrant, Crested Black-Tyrant, White-rumped Monjita, Black-and-Gold Cotinga, Curl-crested Jay*, White-browed Warbler, Diademed Tanager*, Brassy-breasted Tanager, Bay-chested Warbling-Finch, Buff-throated Warbling-Finch, Thick-billed Saltator.

Upgrades Today:


New Non-bird Lifeforms Today: None.

Life Birds Today: 22
Life Birds on Trip: 183
Trip Birds Seen Today: 24
Trip BirdsThis Trip: 279

Note: A Trip Bird is any species seen for the first time this trip. A Life Bird is a bird we have never encountered before. All Life Birds found are also Trip Birds.


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