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Report 16. Wednesday 21, 2016. Long Vehicle Ride. Departing from Mato Grosso, across Cuiaba, to our accomodations, called Vendo do Sul inthe town of Chapada dos Guimaraes.


First the morning birds at and around Mato Grosso.

Best view yet of the full attention of a Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl. {This owl was on a faucet just outside our room. I think you saw an earlier picture of this owl in his nest hole when we were at this lodge a few days earlier. He is obviously not afraid of people.} This Jabiru feels right at home, outside the dining room doors.


American Pygmy Kingfisher.


Marsh Deer. Rufous Cacholote.


Laughing Falcon. Rusty-backed Antwren.

Birding the dirt. Enjoying the pink-flowering tree.


Orange Troupial. Chestnut-eared Aracari. {These birds are coming to a feeder outside the dining room that they stock with bananas, mangos, and oranges that this troupial likes.}


Now we've left Mato Grosso, and these birds are on the road or in forests just off the road.


Campo Flicker.


Green Ibis doing right wing exercise.


The white birds gather together at the watering hole on this hot day. {You can see how much water is here in the "Chapada" area of Brazil. The type of birds is dramatically different}


Kevin says once a visit, at some time, a herd of cattle being moved along the dirt road, slows him down.


Ups and Downs and Ups. We are congratulating ourselves that we are going the right way, given the six miles (at least) of stopped big rigs. But we soon discover, having gone about 4 miles, that we made a wrong turn and to correct it, we need to go the SAME direction those guys were stopped in. {These truck drivers are out of their rigs with the engines off so we know they and now we are in for a long wait.}Kevin performs a miracle, driving on the left shoulder, straddled across yellow lines, finding side dirt roads, and he finally got us back to the many-roaded roundabout, and onto the correct road.{He drives like a maniac but is so confident that I am never worried or scared. Rather, I am amazed at his ability to maneuver this dilemma.}Whew. At right, about 30-40 yellow-green butterflies gather at the watery mud, flying up, then back down to the mud. {Loretta, we think they are here for either water or minerals in the mud. Can you tell us which?}


A Hooded Tanager a) perched, then b) just after shooting off.


Sundown. A serious Burrowing Owl, with severe light adjustment in Lightroom.


A cow-tree-egret scene. {These cattle egrets know a cow when they see one. OK, joke from son, Peter. " What do you call a cow that won't give milk"? His answer Milk Dusd. Bob Ross's answer - Udderly Useless.} At right... Sundown.


After a long day, we make it to our night's accommodations - Vento du Sol. A Two-Nighter -ahhhhh. This is a little property that the owner, a friend of Kevin's, has developed with 7-8 hotel or motel type rooms for rent on the property where their house is.


A little view of our room


And that's it for today, folks,


Life Birds Today (* - indicates a spectacular bird or sighting):

Small-billed Tinamou (heard only), Red-winged Tinamou (heard only), Biscutate Swift, Fork-tailed Palm-Swift, Plain-crested Elaenia, Gray Monjita, Crowned Slaty Flycatcher, Plumbeous Seedeater.

Upgrades Today:

Rusty-backed Antwren* (fantastic closeup photo)

New Non-bird Lifeforms Today:


Life Birds Today: 8
Life Birds on Trip: 315
Trip Birds Seen Today: 11
Trip BirdsThis Trip: 466

Note: A Trip Bird is any species seen for the first time this trip. A Life Bird is a bird we have never encountered before. All Life Birds found are also Trip Birds.


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