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Report 19. Saturday, September 24, 2016. Heading to Cuiaba

In the morning, we hit the birding tower one more time, hoping for morning flights of Red-and-Green Macaw. Kevin hears them (we don't) but they don't fly near us and we miss them. {The black and white birds in this telephoto picture are Andean Vultures, the first of the trip. Even though they are far off the sighting is exciting.}

I like the black face and neck on this Guira Tanager. A pair of Crimson-crested Woodpeckers seem miles away.{Some of the birds we saw from the Canopy tower. It's great to be looking down on them or even at eye level instead of straining our necks to see them high in the tops of the trees.}

{I love the contrast between the male (bright blue) and the female (dull green) Swallow Tanagers.}

{These Band-tailed Manakins are birds that Kevin wasn't sure we would get as the trail down to them was steep and slippery in spots. I told him "just get me there and I will see if I can do it." With a little help from him and Bob at a couple of places I made it down and Bob got these great pictures of two males who ended up displaying to each other (there must have been a female somewhere near but we didn't see her). The "dance" consisted of fluttering wings and shuffleing along the branch. This is a "lek" where these males have for generations displayed along open branches. Quite exciting to see in the wild}

{On our way out and to the airport, Kevin was told about this hotel where people had spotted a type of Buzzard/Eagle we hadn't seen so we stopped there. Cantilevered platforms looked over these cliffs. First we saw great views of swifts, better than other views we had seen. The birds would fly over us and then down into the gulch where we could see them well. Then, wonder of wonders, here came a pair of Red and Green Macaws, the ones we had been trying to see for days. Kevin had told us that these macaws like these cliffs but he had never been to this particular place. They gave us an amazing aerial show, as they wheeled and turned with each other (like the Blue Angels stay in formation). We saw them land along side the water fall to drink, splash in the water and then fly into a black cave where Kevin said they probably nest. A wonderful Goodbye from the Pantanal. We also saw the Buzzard/eagle sitting in some of those bushes you can see to the left of the waterfall; so 2 Life birds here plus an "upgrade" as we like to call it when we get a better look at a bird}


Finally, we flew back to Cuiaba.


{A typical look at Bob in the forest, totally loaded with a camera on one side and his bins on the other.}

Cheers Yall,


Life Birds Today (* - indicates a spectacular bird or sighting):

Swallow-winged Puffbird* (not on Kevin's checklist, so unexpected), Southern Antpipit, Pale-bellied Tyrant-Manakin, Band-tailed Manakin*** (saw and got a great video of two males having a dance-off on their lek), Pectoral Sparrow*.

Upgrades Today:

Russet-crowned Crake* (heard yesterday, great look today), Red-and-Green Macaw** (heard yesterday, spectacular view today),

New Non-bird Lifeforms Today:

Cavi (like a cross between a small dog and a rabbit).

Life Birds Today: 5
Life Birds on Trip: 358
Trip Birds Seen Today:10
Trip BirdsThis Trip: 520

Note: A Trip Bird is any species seen for the first time this trip. A Life Bird is a bird we have never encountered before. All Life Birds found are also Trip Birds.


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