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There are 701 database birds in 701 records, but I have only put photos in the most likely birds we will see, that we have never seen before - maybe 550 or so.

Below is a snapshot of one record, for one bird, off my Macbook Pro Laptop. It gives the bird's name, what page it is on in each bird ID book, whether Kevin has marked it as likely to be seen in his spreadsheet (black bold = 1), the family it's in and more. It is the Frilled Coquette. Photos were scanned in from the bird ID books, usually. Occasionally there was a bird on Kevin's list that wasn't in either book, and I went to the internet for those photos. I would be completely jazzed if we were able to see this bird. [A PEAK AT THE FUTURE: We get photos of this bird later in the trip!)



The two bird ID books we used for the trip.

The Atlantic Forest book (green Red-browed Amazons on the cover) was used in Part 1 and Part 3 of the trip. We used the Pantanal book (blue Hyacinth Macaws on the cover) for Part 2.

Here is a sample page from the Atlantic Forest (green birds on cover) book. Several birds per page, descriptions and maps on the left, bird paintings on the right. A bird name highlighted in blue means that our bird guide Kevin has indicated on an Excel birdlist he has sent, that that bird is "likely" to be seen. Green means it is likely to be seen, but only in the Intervales area (Part 3 of the trip, which was initially offered as an optional trip segment, but we for sure took that option.) No highlighting at all means it is not expected that we will see this bird, although in some cases, because of the length of time we're spending, we WILL see birds in this "unlikely" category..



The three parts of the trip are shown in the South America/Brazil map below. We start in Sao Paulo, after our flight from San Francisco via Dallas

Part 1 is in the Atlantic Forest and coastal areas east and northeast of Sao Paulo.
Part 2, after a flight from Sao Paulo to Cuiaba (say coo-ya-BAH, 'bah' rhyming with 'ha', as in laughter) {I tell Bob there is no "ha" in laughter and he explains that laughter is "ha,ha" Oh I see, Ha, Ha } in the interior Pantanal and Cerrado areas of Brazil.
Part 3, following a return flight from Cuiaba to Sao Paulo, is in the Intervales rain forests southwest of Sao Pauolo {Is that clear? Or are you just nodding your heads and saying Uh huh, as I do to Bob when he was describing this to me before our trip}




First night in Sao Paulo, then three nights in Ubatuba, then three nights at Hotel do Ype, then two nights in Campos do Jordao, followed by a flight to Cuiaba the next evening. I have lost the name of the hotel in the village of Campos do Jordao and they don't seem to advertise on the internet, that I can find, anyway.



After the flight from Sao Paulo on September 15, the first night is in Cuiaba. Next night at the Pousada Piuval ranch (aka Fazenda Piuval, where 'Fazenda' means farm or ranch in Portuguese), next night at Hotel Moto Grosso in the Pantanal. This is followed by two nights at Pantanal Hotel Norte, then another night at Hotel Moto Grosso. Next is two nights in Pousada Vento Sul exploring the Cerrado, one night at Pousada do Parque (September 23) and finally the next night, September 24, a return flight to Sao Paulo. {Are your eyes blurring like mine? But I love Bob's attention to detail so I don't have to do anything but follow along.}



Part 3 starts with one night in Sao Paulo (September 24), having just arrived from Cuiaba, then three nights in Intervales State Park, then the next night, September 28th, is an overnight flight out of Sao Paulo to Los Angeles, and finally to San Jose, California the next day, arriving home Thursday September 29th.



Following are the links to the daily reports. Brackets enclose the name of the night's accommodations.

Report Number - Weekday, Date. Description

0 Mon, Sep 5. The Flight to Brazil.
1 Tue, Sep 6. Arrival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our hotel [Hotel Ibis Guarulhos].
2 Wed Sep 7. Stopping to bird at a couple of spots along the way, drive east 200 km, to coastal town of Ubatuba (OO-buh-TOO-buh). [Ubatuba Palace Hotel].
3 Thu Sep 8. Morning in Folha Seca, a slice of the Atlantic Rainforest meaning "dry leaf". Afternoon at Fazenda Angelim (Fazenda is a farm or ranch). [Ubatuba Palace Hotel].
4 Fri, Sep 9. Full day at Fazenda Angelim and vicinity [Ubatuba Palace Hotel]
5 Sat, Sep 10. Morning at Guainumbi Reserve, move to Itatiaia National Park. [Hotel do Ype, whose buildings are on the side of a mountain]
6 Sun, Sep 11. Full day in Itatiaia NP [Hotel do Ype]
7 Mon, Sep 12. Another full day in Itatiaia NP. [Hotel do Ype]
8 Tue, Sep 13. Early departure for Agulhas Negras mountain area, on to Campos do Jordao. [Campos do Jordao Guest House]
9 Wed, Sep 14. Full day at Campos do Jordao [Campos do Jordao Guest Housei].
10 Thu, Sep 15. Bird locally in morning, drive to Sao Paulo Airport, return vehicle, Air Flight to Cuiaba (coo-yuh-BAH) [Hotel Taina]
11 Fri, Sep 16. Drive into Pantanal [Fazenda Piuval - a ranch].
12 Sat, Sep 17. Bird locally, drive to Mato Grosso Hotel [Hotel Mato Grosso].
13 Sun, Sep 18. Bird locally, drive to end of Pantanal [Pantanal Hotel Norte].
14 Mon, Sep 19. Jaguar excursion from boat in morning. Birding by boat in afternoon [Pantanal Hotel Norte].
15 Tue, Sep 20. Backtrack through Pantanal [Hotel Mato Grosso].
16 Wed, Sep 21. Bird locally, drive back through Cuiaba to Chapada dos Guimaraes [Vento do Sul].
17 Thu, Sep 22. Full day in Cerrado and nearby forest [Vento do Sul].
18 Fri, Sep 23. Early morning birding in Cerrado, short drive to Pousada do Parque (lodge) in Chapada dos Guimaraes NP.
19 Sat, Sep 24. Bird locally, drive to Cuiaba airport, drop off vehicle, fly to Sao Paulo [Hotel Ibis Guarulhos].
20 Sun, Sep 25. Pick up new birder, pick up vehicle, drive to Intervales State Park, birding along the way [Pousada Pico-Pau].
21 Mon, Sep 26. Full day in Intervales (say in-ter-VIE-eez) SP [Pousada Pico-Pau].
22 Tue, Sep 27. Another full day in Intervales SP [Pousada Pico-Pau].
23 Wed, Sep 28. Bird locally in morning, afternoon drive to Hotel Ibis Guarulhos, taxi to airport [night on plane].
24 Thu, Sep 29. Los Angeles arrival, customs, immigration, American Eagle to San Jose [Home, Sweet Home].
25 Trip Summaries, Highlights

The Accommodations

Hotel Ibis Guarulhos, Sao Paulo
Ubatuba Palace Hotel, Ubatuba
Hotel do Ype, mountains
Guest House, Campos do Jordao. [Name Forgotten.]
Hotel Taina, Cuiaba

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