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Report 1. Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Oslo Arrival, First Day in Norway.

We land, and emerge from the exitway into a room that has plants growing on the wall. Radical. Norwegians are proud to be environmentalists, and this is a great way to announce it.

Sharon, standing in front of the living wall in the Oslo airport.

After inquiries, we learn that we can no longer buy telephone sim cards at the airport, but rather have to go to the city center to do that. I do change several hundred dollars to Norwegian NOK though, with intentions to change much more at a bank, where the exchange rate would be more favorable.

In line to ask about a taxi to take us to our hotel, Sharon has scoured signs all around us, and has learned that a shuttle bus is due soon, and it makes a stop at our hotel. This will be much cheaper than a taxi, and we head off with our two free luggage carts to Bus Stop 10, as I recall. We wait no longer than two minutes, and our shuttle stops. I load all our pieces onto the bus, and off he goes, sort of circling the airport, stopping at the Comfort Hotel Runway.

Our hotel, from which you can see the airport's runway and hence, its name. Tiny but comfortable rooms.

We like the color patterns of the window lines.


I love the free-spirited motto at the check-in desk. And the pink pig, Bjarne, who oinks if you squeeze him, at the dining room checkin station. And you know Sharon, she picks him up and gives him a squeeze, and sends the video to granddaughters Claire and Genevieve.

We check in and learn that although it looks like dinner is being prepared, this is a special dining room for attendees of a conference going on at the hotel. We are to go across, through the rain and snow, to the sister hotel, the Orion, for the regular dining restaurant.

We do this, and it is a rather fancy, relaxing restaurant. We split a steak dinner, which is delicious, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, discussing plans and options for the next few days. Then we head back to our room for the night.

Sharon, at our hotel room window (a narrow slit), watching it snow. At right, a shot out the window, after the snow had begun to whiten the ground and the trees. All accentuated by cool lights, like candles, brightening up the scene. Because of the cold here, the rooms have narrow (top to bottom) dimensions. In addition, a portion of the window can be doubly-opened (see Sharon's window photo below). That is, you can open an inner window, which leads to the one-foot or so 'thickness' of the window space. Then you can open a window on the outside of the space, and get fresh air, or a clear shot for camera photos. Radical.

Tired, after sorting through all our stuff to make sure it got through ok, we hit the hay. Very comfortable beds and pillows.

Sleep tight,
Bob {and Sharon}

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