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Day 10. Friday, May 19, 2017. Gaupne to Lom. Over a Mountain!

It's gray, overcast with lots of low clouds, and together with this island and the island's reflection, it make a fantastic scene. Just makes me want to start a warm fire.

We come up to this old church, and Sharon says it's the oldest one on earth. No, maybe not. But it's very picturesque. Sharon? {This is the Dale Church (say "DAH-leh") in Luster, one of the few stone churches in the era of the Staves churches. It was built in the 13th century. The crucifix is actually older than the church, carved around 1200} Believe it or not, these are photos of the same church, from opposite sides, about five minutes apart. Lighting is everything.

Here are some more shots around this old church. I like this simple gravestone.

{Do I look hungry in this picture. Just wait.}

There is a cool old bank barn behind the church too, Norwegian style, where they get in addition to the ramp into the barn, 1) a covered place to park your car, 2) a covered place to park your big tractor, and 3) an in-ground storage cellar. Pretty cool. Right across the road from the church is a coffee shop, but specializing in different breads and breakfast rolls, and Sharon is really looking forward to trying some of the fare. I mean, how do you even choose? {Eve helped us here, and warmed some bread for Bob to have bread and butter, fresh out of the oven, Yum. Then she had us sign a petition to keep the school in their town. I guess they have few children here and others want to combine the school with one larger one in the next town We are happy to sign her petition.}.

I like the light and color coming through the window here, and then it's time to hit the road. We are going over a mountain and down the other side to get to a town called Lom (prounouced Loom)..

We are approaching the town of Ulster, and Sharon is having a giggle with a bird called a Goosander. They are common here, and are related to the merganser family. Sharon is trying to take a photo but everytime she is about to press the button, the Goosander dives. She says, they should change the name to Goosunder, because every time she tries to take a photo, it dives under the water. But she finally gets them.

Our last few images before we start our climb up the mountain.

Another great mirror image.

A neat church below our road, and we get a double waterfall, but emerging from a snowfield. Our first snow, well, not counting our first night in the country.

The snow deepends, but so far, the road is clear and dry. The snow pile beside us though, is almost as tall as we are.

We top the mountain at about 11:30.

We come across this apparent track, and watch three cross country skiers zoom downhill from left to right, then do this sharp left-hand U-turn, and start poleing back up the hill, to the left. Great stuff, and we feel invigorated just watching them. We descend again, and leave the snow behind, as the weather clears, reminding us that we read that Lom is in a special place weather-wise, and they are drier and nicer than other places along this highway. {Lom gets so little water that in the past they used large spoons to carry water from the river to water their crops. Today they have a spoon on their town flag to remember this. Bob says "I guess they never heard about buckets"}

We can't quite decide if these are Highland Cattle. They are the right color and very hairy, so there's that.

And having stayed on the road and out of the ditch while crossing the mountain, we come to lovely Lom, which is "behind the Esso station", as everybody tells us. But we notice the Lom stave church, and have to get some photos of it. They seem to be winding up a funeral, and the flag is at half mast. A number of the young adults are dressed in traditional Norwegian garb, and seem quite happy, making me wonder.

Sharon finds a souvenir shop and more, and we browse around a bit. Sharon takespictures of these to show sister Shirley, the master quilter.}.

{Because of the funeral, the church is not available so we check the souvenir shop, then head down to our RV spot for the night.}

Sharon picks us up a handsome little Whinchat (bird) on the way. Sharon id'd it as "some kind of chat", which is a pretty good memory.

It's 5:22 and we are set up in camp. Sharon rests while I take a shower. The weather is very pleasant. We are in a big open field, and construction is going on. It is clear that they are expanding and modernizing the entire park. There is a great sauna here, but we don't take advantage.

That's it for now, Guys,
Bob and Sharon

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