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Day 13. Monday, May 22, 2017. Kristiansund to Trondheim.

We wake up in the Atlanten Motel & Camping place, and it's a little kids' school excursion into the forest. They look like little gnomes, as they wander about, bumping into each other, and finally are guided on a path into the forest. {This seems to be the "uniform" for all school kids here, maybe when they are on a field trip. The rain jacket or warm cap and the bright overvest so they don't lose anybody, I expect.}

As we leave, we pass by the Polish trio's rooms, with a wetsuit drying out, plus other gear. Sharon gets me as we make our way through Kristiansund, not to be confused with Kristiansand, on the south coast.

Time for some shopping. Sharon contemplates a double sausage ring, but in the end passes on it. As we load our goods, we notice this little hand-made trailer, with a tiny house, but it's not a house, and not a barn, but seems like a protected picnic bench or a workbench for the carver. Curious, with the weather vane on top. We also find a Britema store, and locate the electric adapter we need at some camps, to connect our two-pin plug to these three-hole receiving plugs. We're covered now, when we run into this situation again.

Sharon has read about this church, but it's locked and we can only walk around it. {Didn't I tell you?}

I like the face on the red, round-topped double doors. Perfect for Halloween, but seems odd for a church. They clearly don't see what I see. Then a far view of the colorful buildings along the waterfront, across the water and to the right of the bridge.

Sharon finds this door, but it is also locked.

Kristiansund is a very colorful port, as shown in the next photos, even in this overcast and rainy day. {This town was almost entirely destroyed by bombs in April 1940. The reconstructiion created a new image for the town with new buildings in many different colors.}


Sharon likes this rock wall, with the plant growing in all the crevices. Then it's time to head for Trondheim.

We're never too far from needing a ferry, and along comes another one.

Sharon keeps busy while we wait our turn to drive onto the ferry. She tries to call the library to extend the loan on the books she has checked out but we finally realize it's six am in California.Will try later. {I forgot to bring my library card with me with the account number I would need to renew the book online so I need to speak with a real person to do it. I found this yarn in one of the grocery stores and like how similar it is to the sweater I'm wearing. I love to knit as we go along.}

As we exit the ferry, we see the line formed to go to where we came from.

This little girl, clear on the left side, out of focus on the right side is asking, "Are you over the speed limit?" I like this curve-roofed barn.

We come across this horse racing track during the day, and this colorful multi-leveled compound, built on the hillside.

We make our way to our stop for the night, Flakk Camping, about a half hour short of Trondheim. Our spot is near the rocky beach, and we can see several water birds in the water.

Good night Yall,
Bob and Sharon

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