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Starting with Kristiansund (a red spot), on the west coast, our path north is in blue. It runs through Trondheim, Majavatn etc.
The all-red line in a portion of Finland, Sweden, and then Norway indicates our route south after visiting the north.
The black ink numbers are the stop number, counting from Kristiansund.
Ignore the pencil numbers
The red numbers indicate National Tourist Routes between Oslo and Kristiansund plus one more in far northern Norway, and are keys to pages in our travel binder.
From Oslo to Kristiansund (first part of our journey), blue lines are normal travel, red lines are national tourist route segments. Norway has 16 national tourist routes, and I think I have planned about six of them.

From Oslo to Kristiansund (again, first part of our journey), Single capital letters are the first letter of a town, to prevent a total jumble on the map.
B - Bergen, Balestrand, or Bud
F - Flam
G - Gotli, or Gaupne, or Geiranger
L - Lom
S - Sande
V - Videseter

Names are towns with associated camping spots.


PART 2. SPREADSHEET WITH OUR ITINERARY. NOTE: NTR is National Tourist Route. Numbers are mine, indexed to a list of all the special driving roads that we bring in a Norway trip binder.

Date Wake in… Sleep in… Day's Event
5/9 home airplane fly out of sfo
5/10 airplane oslo B&B 1st night oslo
5/11 oslo B&B oslo rv park pick up rv; learn rv
5/12 oslo rv park oslo rv park tour oslo
5/13 oslo rv park oslo rv park birding
5/14 oslo rv park flam NTR14; fjord
5/15 flam bergen rv park drive to bergen
5/16 bergen rv park bergen rv park day in bergen
5/17 bergen rv park sande-balestrand NTR13
5/18 balestrand gaupne reposition
5/19 gaupne lom NTR11
5/20 lom grotli-videseter NTR9
5/21 videseter geiranger, valdallen world heritage fjord
5/22 valldalen bud-kristiansund NTR7
5/23 kristiansund kristiansund bonus day 1
5/24 kristiansund trondheim northing
5/25 trondheim majavatn northing
5/26 majavatn fauske northing
5/27 fauske narvik northing
5/28 narvik narvik bonus day 2
5/29 narvik birtavarre norther
5/30 birtavarre alta see rock art
5/31 alta alta bonus day 3
6/1 alta gamvik bird stop; arrive gamvik
6/2 gamvik gamvik tour gamvik
6/3 gamvik varangerbotn to birding base
6/4 varangerbotn varangerbotn bird bay & drive NTR1
6/5 varangerbotn kirkenes bird stops; arrive kirkenes
6/6 kirkenes kirkenes birding
6/7 kirkenes kirkenes birding
6/8 kirkenes kittila, fin southing
6/9 kittila, fin skelleftea, swe southing
6/10 skelleftea, swe sundvall southing
6/11 sundvall sundsvall bonus day 4
6/12 sundsvall malung southing
6/13 malung lillehammer side trip
6/14 lillehammer oslo rv park souther
6/15 oslo rv park oslo rv park birding
6/16 oslo rv park oslo B&B bonus day 5/drop off rv
6/17 oslo B&B amsterdam1 fly oslo to amsterdam
6/18 amsterdam1 amsterdam2
6/19 amsterdam2 amsterdam3
6/20 amsterdam3 amsterdam4
6/21 amsterdam4 amsterdam5
6/22 amsterdam5 amsterdam6
6/23 amsterdam6 amsterdam7
6/24 amsterdam7 san jose fly home

Following are the links to the daily reports. Brackets enclose the name of the night's accommodations.

Report Number - Weekday, Date. Description. [night's accommodation]

0 Tue, May 9. The Flight to Norway via a plane change in Amsterdam [accommodation: on the plane].
1 Wed, May 10. Arrival in Oslo. Our First Night in Norway [Comfort Hotel Runway]
2 Thu, May 11. Snow! Picking up the Motorhome. Outfitting the Motorhome = Shopping! First Camp.
3 Fri, May 12. Touring Oslo by Foot, Bus, Lightrail, Water Taxi.
4 Sat, May 13. Birding with Local Professional Guide Simon Rix.
5 Sun, May 14. The Drive from Bergen to Flam. Includes Stave Church at Borgund on the Way.
6 Mon, May 15. Trains and Ferries, OH MY!
7 Tue, May 16. Bergen
8 Wed, May 17. Bergen to Balestrand
9 Thu, May 18. Lovely Balestrand to Gaupne, Along the Fjords.
10 Friday, May 19, 2017. Gaupne to Lom. Over a Mountain!
11 Saturday, May 20, 2017. Lom through Grotli to Stranda, the Fabulous Eagle Road ... Denied.
12 Sunday, May 21, 2017. Stranda to Kristiansund. Rainy Day. Atlantic Coast Road - a National Tourist Route
13 Monday, May 22, 2017. Kristiansund to Trondheim. Starting the Northward Trek.
14 Tuesday, May 23, 2017.
15 Wednesday, May 24, 2017.
16 Thursday, May 25, 2017.

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