I published (in the Kinko's sense) a series of my life's stories in two books, then put them on our website in February 2003. A number of people have asked me, "How do you remember these stories, from so long ago?" I'll tell you the secret. Ready? I have no idea.

The first book, with the title, The Pig That Had No Babies, covers the time period from birth up through my freshman year in college and was published in 1998. The source of this name is described in the story by the same name.

The second book, You've Done It Again, Robin, was published in late 2000, and covers the remaining three years at MU, one year at Stanford, and through about 1980, with a few stories after that. The source of this name is described in the story by the same name.

Favorite 20+ stories


This bathroom book (don't try to read it all at once - it gets boring) is dedicated to my aunts and uncles and cousins, who play such a big part in my memories. I have thought many times, "I wonder what Grandpa Lutman was like," because he died when I was so little. So this is also for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, when they ask that question about me.

I wrote most of these stories down in 1993 and 1994 so I wouldn't forget them, and updated some as recently as April 1997. I keep the stories in a Filemaker Pro database on my Macintosh. I exported them to Microsoft Word (word processor program) for publishing. The graphics are a mixture of Macintosh clipart, photos scanned into Adobe Photoshop (touched up sometimes) and graphics created using Adobe Illustrator. I printed one copy on my printer, then I took it to Kinko's Copies and had them run off and bind about sixty copies. May every kid have a childhood like mine.

The Pig That Had No Babies

Chapter 1. Birth Through Start of Fifth Grade
Chapter 2. Fifth Grade through Eighth Grade
Chapter 3. High School
Chapter 4. Missouri University, Freshman Year

You've Done It Again, Robin

Chapter 5. Missouri University, Sophomore-Senior Year
Chapter 6. Moving to California, Stanford
Chapter 7. Early Working Years
Chapter 8. More Recent Stories

My Twenty(-One) Favorite Stories

Don't Smoke Till You're 21
Escaped Black Panther
Parachuting Off the Garage
The Ants
Gum On a Stick to Recover Coins
You May Not Think I Cuss
The Clock Striking in the Night
The Riding Around, Laying Down Game
Get Behind Me Satan
The Joke's On Me
Ugly Contest at MU
The Stanford Sunday Night Movies
The Chocolate Mike
Oh Senors, You in Beeg Trobble
First Ski Trip
The Joliet Country and Western Club
Tokyo Tower
The Joliet Joy Riders
Bet It All
Climbing Mt. Fuji
The Eyes in the Attic