Carving Description Key: Piece Number. Description - Type of Wood - Size, sometimes (Recipient. Date given). Movie (sometimes), for a slow 360 degree spin.

Piece Number is the chronological order piece was begun, but order shown below is the order piece was given, with most recent shown first.

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#38. Spell-casting Wizard - Basswood - 6" (Sharon's dad Ed Caraway, for his 89th birthday)


#23. Masai, with removable spear - Walnut - 14" (Sharon's son Pete. Christmas 2004)


#29. Praying Hands - Walnut - 4x5" (for Sharon's mother Gretchen Caraway. Christmas 2004)


#28. Bottlenosed Dolphin on Wave Splash - Walnut - (Stanford '66 fellow Nuclear Engineering Masters Degree graduate and lifetime friend Bill Petrick and wife Sharon. It was Bill who gave me the nickname Robin, as in "You've done it again, Robin". Christmas 2004)


#7. Stylized Penguin - Honduras Rosewood (Brother George. Christmas 2004)


#20. Small Dog - Basswood - 2 1/2" (Cousin Loretta Baumgartner's husband Dan. November 2004)


#32. Fishin' Hole, aka "The One That Got Away" - Cedar - 6" - (Sister Shirley's husband and our future Canadian fishing partner Jerry Lewis. Christmas 2004)


#31. Medium Trout - Cedar - 6" (Missouri friends Dennis and Merritt Van Landuyt, owners of Troutdale Farm in Gravois Mills, Missouri, on the Lake of the Ozarks. November 2004)


#37. Small Swan - Walnut - 3" (Our friend Julie Shiller. September 2004)


#36. "50" - Vermillion (First wife Carrie Ross's Parents Bill and Mary Mercer. September 2004)


#18. (No final photo. Shown in progress) Stylized Loon Family - Cherry (daughter Shandra. September 2004)


#30. Star (shown unfinished) - Vermillion (for Sharon's son Matt's wife Kimberly. September 2004)


#25. Small Trout - Cedar (for daughter Tara's father-in-law, Kemal. August 2004, in Turkey)


#3. Carousel Horse - Philippine Mahogany (daughter Tara. August 2004 for her birthday, in Turkey)


#21. Our Cat Boomerang - Walnut cat on cherry base (for wife Sharon, who laid claim when she first saw how cool it was going to be. Summer 2004). Movie


#17. Stylized American Bittern - Honduras Rosewood (Mom's brother, Uncle Peter Hilty. Spring 2004)


#9. Mouse - Basswood (Mom's sister, Aunt Dorothy Baumgartner. Spring 2004)


#19. Stylized Hummingbird - Vermillion (for Victor, a friend and high school classmate of my first college girlfriend, Jean Turner Johnson. Spring 2004)


#15. Pygmy Hippo - wood uncertain (for college friend, dentist Jim Hobbs. Spring 2004)


#12. Sleeping Cat - Black Walnut (sister Shirley Lewis. Spring 2004)


#6. Stylized River Otter - Birch (Sharon's son Matt Smith. April 2004)


#16. Lioness in Relief - Western Cedar (Mom's brother, Uncle Calvin Hilty. April 2004)


#1. Albino Kangaroo - Douglas Fir (for wife Sharon. January 20, 2004)





#14. Stylized Polar Bear - Koa (at-home toy). Created in March 2004.


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