Friday Evening, May 25, 2001 in Sedalia,
and Saturday Morning in Versailles.

Corky Hall, Bob Lutman, Randy Cox in front of restaurant in Sedalia.

The Versailles grade school we attended is still standing...


... only now it's home to World of Wheels


After Sharon and I met Randy at the KCI airport, and after we drove down to Sedalia, we connected with Corky Hall, at his hotel. Then we talked from about 5 PM till about 10 PM, at which time, Sharon, Randy and I drove on down to Versailles, where we slept in the Western Hills Motel. I loaned my 1961 yearbook (The Mirror) to Randy for the night. Next morning he showed me a picture of me, Randy and Corky, from left to right, sitting cross-legged on a table, doing see no evil (Corky), speak no evil (Randy) and hear no evil (me). We positioned outselves on the end of one of the beds in our room, plus a chair, and duplicated the pose. Sharon recorded this for posterity.



Corky's First Golf Swing

Corky said that he decided he wanted to learn to play golf, because his brother had shown him how to grip a golf club. He was hanging out with a buddy, Jimmy Stokes, and Corky wanted to show him the swing. "Stand over there," Corky said, meaning out of the way. As Corky drew back in preparation for swinging, Jimmy leaned forward so he could watch, and Corky swung. The positioning of things and people was such that Corky cleanly sliced off Jimmy's ear, which was left hanging by a thread. -- Corky

President Truman

When Randy and Corky were both practicing pharmacists, Corky was working 12-hour shifts at a hospital near Kansas City. He needed a replacement, and called Randy, to see if he wanted to fill in for a little while. Randy agreed. Randy quickly found out that it was dreary, tedious work. Each evening, five grocery bags, each full of prescriptions, would be collected from the hospital and delivered to Randy to fill. It would take him all night. He got into the groove, but began to be concerned that he would make a mistake because of how tired he was. Suddenly, he noticed a prescription for a name he recognized. He remembered reading that this person was indeed a patient in the hospital. Randy double-checked his work to be sure that Harry Truman got the correct prescription. -- Randy

The Smuggled Beer Mugs

Randy Cox and Corky Hall, when they were going to Pharmacy School in Kansas City, drove over to Kansas, where the legal drinking age was 18. They went into a bar, and had a few beers. They decided that they liked the mugs, and it being winter, Randy had a long coat on. He began stuffing the glass mugs down into his coat. When he finished, he must have looked like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. As they started to leave, the bouncer said, "Hold on there! Where do you think you're going?" Randy said, "I'm going home." "Not with those beer mugs you're not," said the bouncer. "I'm calling the cops," and started for the phone. "When you talk to 'em, tell 'em I'm 16!" yelled Randy. The bouncer came back. "Get outta here," he said, in disgust. -- Corky told, of Randy


Take Out

I was having dinner with an elderly couple the other evening, and they are both physically very fit. The wife realized that they didn't have any ice cream or chocolate syrup, so she said, "Go down to the market and get some ice cream and chocolate syrup. I'll write it down for you so you don't forget." The husband said, "I can remember those simple things," and left. About an hour later, he came back with a can of chicken soup. "You idiot," she said, "You forgot the crackers." -- Randy

The Best Peach Pie in the World

A man heard that the best peach pie in the world was made by monks, in Nepal, at a monastery high in the Himalayas. He was determined to try this pie, so he booked a flight from New York to London, then from London to Katmandu. He was able to get a bus to about the 12,000 foot level, but had to walk after that. It was about 6 PM when he set off, and he climbed all night. It got very, very cold, but he continued struggling upward. He reached the monastery about 3 AM, but there was no sign of life. He knocked on a door, and there was no answer. He knocked several more times, and finally a sleepy monk answered the door. "Can I help you?" the monk asked. "Yes, I've traveled thousands of miles, and I've been climbing for nine hours. I just have to try some of your peach pie." "I'm sorry, we're out of peaches," the monk replied. Downtrodden, the climber asked, "How about cherry?" -- Randy

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