Those class members present were: Robert Baxter, Mickey Bennett, Randy Cox, Jim Dornan, Marilyn [Dunnaway] Uptergrove, Sue [Fahrni] Combs, Wanda Ferguson, Rindy [Goodwin] Sterner, Kenny Hagerman, Corky Hall, Charlie Harrison, Kay [Hutchison] Williams, Mike Jones, Rachel [Jones] Boatright, Bob Lutman, Kay [Marriott] Thouvnel, Jim Milburn, Bob Palacek, Johnie Ray, Julia [Markham] Ray, Jim Riley, bonnie [Serville] Holzer, Kathryn [Thoss] Burke, Joe Turner, Fay [Vaughan] Carpenter, Paul White and Mary Margaret [Williams] Gerlt. A total of 27.

Of this total of 27, 11 were from Versailles or Gravois Mills, 11 others were from elsewhere in Missouri or Kansas, and 5 were from other states.

Jim Dornan and Randy Cox


Foreground: Kathy [Thoss] Burke, Jim Riley, Rindy [Goodwin] Sterner, Kenny Hagerman.
Background: unidentified, Wanda Ferguson in black, Kay [Marriott] Thouvnel standing.


Foreground: Rachel [Jones] Boatright, Sharon Lutman (Bob's wife), Mary Margaret [Williams] Gerlt
Background. Standing L to R: Lindell Bennett, Emma [Hibdon] Dornan in yellow, Doris [Hilty] Bennett (all from Class of '63)
Background. Seated L to R: Joe Turner and wife.


Charlie Harrison, Julia [Markham] Ray blinking


Foreground: Bob Baxter, Jim Milburn and wife.
Background: Susan [Humphrey] White, Paul White.


Johnie Ray, Corky Hall


Paul White, Mike Jones


L to R: Mike Jones' wife Janell, Susan [Humphrey] White, Paul White, Mike Jones.


Foreground: Wanda Ferguson, Sue [Fahrni] Combs standing, Sue's daughter seated.
Background at left, L to R: Marilyn [Dunnaway] Uptergrove, Richard Gerlt, Larry Uptergrove.


Foreground: Joe Turner seated, Jim Riley.
Background by piano: Kenny Hagerman.


Marilyn [Dunnaway] Uptergrove, Richard Gerlt, Larry Uptergrove.


Foreground: Randy Cox, Jim Dornan.
Background: Bob Palacek at left, Mickey Bennett at right.



Senior Class Photos in Back

FRONT L to R: Randy Cox, Bob Lutman, Jim Riley.
BACK L to R: Mike Jones, Jim Dornan, Rindy [Goodwin] Sterner.


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