After our speech, the "Class of '61" cake was auctioned off. Each class is expected to get together prior to the auction, pool their contributions, and wind up bidding that much for their cake. Other classes or individuals may try to make them bid higher, but run the risk of getting stuck with paying for the cake themselves if they try to make the bidding go too high and the "host" class stops bidding. The average cake goes for about $100-$150 or so.

Our strategy, designed by Kay Hutchison Williams, was to make one bid -- for $425, the amount we collected during the afternoon before the banquet and program.

Jack Hutchison, auctioneer and Kenny Rogers-look alike, ran the auctions. First he asked if there were any opening bids. Kay raised her hand.

Kay's Bid

"Four hundred and twenty-five dollars!" she said. Through the resulting exclamations and yelling at such a high opening bid, she continued shouting, "I would like to show ya -- how prosperous -- the Class of 1961 are!"

Through the commotion, auctioneer Jack Hutchison asked, "Is that your Final Answer?"


Then Kay went up and turned over the money. Randy Eppenauer, upon receiving the money yelled, "Jack. Hey Jack! She's got more money."

Take That!

And we left the cake on the table.


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