New Fish Market?

It appeared to us that this was a new oriental fish market, "Mi Sour Pride," but then we realized that when you replace some missing letters, it is as it's always been -- "Missouri Pride Catfish."


The non-Hilty Hiltys

Cousin Mel Gerber and I flank our Aunt Dorothy Baumgartner after church at Bethel


Mel's Wheat

Randy Cox, my wife Sharon and I drove out to see cousin Mel Gerber's wheat crop after church on Sunday.



Randy's Cove

Then we drove down to the Lake of the Ozarks, where Randy showed us the cove that his grandfather "promised him" as a kid: "Someday this'll all be yours."


The Old Wheatland Blacksmith Shop

When Sharon, Randy and I returned from Versailles to Kansas City, we did so by going through Warsaw, Hermitage and Wheatland. Randy spent about eight years of his youth, up till the age of 12 in Wheatland. Randy's dad, Chester Cox, told Randy of this event at the blacksmith's in Wheatland:

A farmer had retired, sold his farm, and bought the blacksmith. He had heated a horseshoe up, and set it down to cool, where the color had changed from glowing orange back to normal. A fellow named Harry came in about then, picked up the horseshoe, and immediately dropped it onto the ground, of course, since it was still burning hot. "Burn yourself?" asked the blacksmith? "No, it just doesn't take me long to look at a horseshoe," said Harry. Here's Randy standing in front of the defunct blacksmith shed in Wheatland.

Sharon told Randy that she had heard that story years ago, and at first Randy was stunned that what his dad had told him possibly wasn't true. But in the end, we decided that the event must have happened first here in Wheatland, exactly as his dad described, then the story spread around the globe, transforming to its urban legend status.


Trick or Treat

In an antique store in Wheatland, Randy showed us this photo from a book on the history of Wheatland. That's Randolph, third from the right.


Wheatland Holdup



Toby's On The Air

This is sister Shirley's cat Toby, whom Jerry discovered apparently used to be a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. Here, he demonstrates how to catch a toy mouse tossed by Jerry. That's the mouse between his paws and already in his mouth.



One of Randy's objectives of the trip was to eat at a good Kansas City steakhouse.



Here's Bob telling Shirley and Jerry about his speech, which they heard.



Wife Sharon and sister Shirley trade grandchildren photo album viewings.



Here's Shirley and Jerry's cat Toby again, disguised, on the kitchen stove.


Been There, Done That

And here's what their other cat thinks of Toby.


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