Bob Lutman's Engagement Toast Speech
July 2001
Antalya, Turkey


"We have watched Tara and Cihan become friends, then good friends, and now they are engaged. They have realized what is now obvious to the rest of us -- together they are much more than both of them, separately.

In your language, you call your country Turkiye. In English, we say Turkey. In English, Turkey is also the name of a big bird.

Tara, you will remember that when you were small, I used to push you in a swing, and tell you I was going to give you a Turkey Push. Then I'd run under the swing, and give you a push high into the sky, LIKE a bird. Neither of us had any idea that I was actually pushing you to Turkey. To Turkiye.

To Kemal and Aysel [Cihan's parents], you have done a wonderful thing for the world, raising Cihan with the strong moral values that you have taught him.

Cihan, we love all of your family, your unbounded energy, your sense of humor, your intelligence, and your appreciation of things of the finest quality. Choosing Tara is, of course, the best example of this.

Tara and Cihan - Carrie and Bob and Sharon and I wish you love, we wish you luck, ... we wish you all the best, and we wish you the skills and tools to weather life's storms as they surely will come.

With your arms around each other, you are weather-proof. Together, you will conquer the world.

God bless you and Masallah."







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