Friday August 20 - Tuesday August 24.
Arrival, Ankara, Bus to Golcuk, Golcuk, Market Shopping, Apartment.



Cihan's mom Aysel, sister Canan, Sharon and Cihan in Aysel's Ankara kitchen during dinner preparation.


Cihan's sister Canan's daughter Burcu is a cutie. Here Burcu is seen in her room, on her pet, plush Tiger - Full size as far as I can tell.


The morning fruit and vegetable truck has produce purchased by Cihan's mother Aysel (white shirt and, at left) watching the seller weigh her a few kilograms of tomatoes.


There is a small store in the bottom floor of the condominium complex. Here Tara and Aysel purchase some items, typically costing about 30-40% more than the same thing purchased at a big store. Sort of like a 7-11.


Sharon and Tara walking beside Ataturk's Mausoleum and Museum. Ataturk is considered to be the Father of Turkey, and was almost entirely responsible for its emergence as a country.


A stone panel, or frieze, at the Mausoleum. I may try to carve this someday.


Tara and Sharon on the walkway of the Mausoleum.


Changing of the Guard. Navy at left, Army at right. Very impressive.


Employee at a Carrefour's, who operates on roller skates. Carrefour's is like a Walmart Supercenter, and is a big competitor of Walmart, on the world stage.


Cihan and Tara, in their seats on our coach (bus) from Ankara to Golcuk, where they live.


Sharon and I on the same bus. It was a very pleasant bus, with an on-board attendant to provide all the free cokes, water and snacks you cared for.

Tara asks for some dried apricots, at my request. Sharon looks on, learning Turkish on the fly.


Tara always buys her eggs from these fellows, and they greet each other like old friends. Tara asked for large ones, and the fellow with the cap, checked all the flats, picking out the larger eggs to make up Tara's flat.


This spicy fellow asked me to take his picture, then ran over to see it on the digital camera screen.


View out the dining room window, of the submarine port.


View out the living room window near sunset.


Living room couch made down into our bed.


Cihan at his computer desk in the computer/TV room. He recently set up a wireless network, and I'm attached to a provided "wired" port in the "wireless" router of that network. We can send files back and forth, over the network. Cool, huh?


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