Sun August 29 - Tue August 31. Last Night in Golcuk. Travel to Safranbolu, Amasra on the Black Sea Coast.


Last Night at Tara and Cihan's in Golcuk.

At the butcher shop. Fellow at left is boning chicken while boy with the red shirt is making kofte, sort of a cross between hamburger and sausage.


Girl who totalled up our purchases indicated to Cihan that she didn't want her picture taken, but she smiled anyway and I think she didn't really mind..


Cihan's friend at the fruit and vegetable market sold us grapes, tomatoes and more.


Cihan barbecued the meat on their balcony, where we also had dinner, overlooking the naval base and the Marmar Sea


Black Sea Vacation. Sharon, Tara and I. Day 1. Travel to Amasra on the Black Sea Coast, with a stop in Safranbolu.


Our rental car. No, wait. I mean the automatic watering system at our breakfast stop.



Spectacular gold shoeshine station on a market street.


Colorful shirts hung in the sun of a shop in the bazaar.


Shiny silver and copper items sparkled in the sun.


Tara and Sharon add a nice touch to an arch over an alleyway.


Typical bazaar street.


This fellow was very proud of his wonderful mustache, and gave the ok to have his picture taken. I showed him the photo, and he said something in Turkish which might have meant, "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!"


Old houses from Safranbolu are famous, and some are as old as the 1600s or so, and those old ones were built near the end of the Ottoman empire.


Tara and Sharon on a hilltop park overlooking Safranbolu.


Sharon and her boyfriend on the same hilltop.


More Safronbolu.


The Black Sea Town of Amasra.


The proprieter, burning a name on the back of a musical instrument for us.


... and a closeup of the burning.


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