Wed September 1 - Thu September 2. Amasra Along the Coast Eastward to Sinop, and on to Ordu.


The little port city of Amasra is advertised as one of the most beautiful on the Turkish Black Sea Coast, and we have to agree. If you look at the center of the picture, then slightly left and slightly down, you can see a tall needle-like minaret. There are four loud speakers on it, and one of them is pointing straight into the window of our hotel room, to the right. That room is a great place to sleep if you like to be awakened with a start at 5 or 530am. Be sure and leave your window open.


The Amasra peninsula and breakwater from a bluff to the east.


Kurucasile is a famous wooden shipbuilding town in Turkey. Here a young boy is sanding a strip for some interior finish work.


This yacht will sell for between $250,000 and $400,000.


This fellow welcomed us to a Black Sea coastal lookout point, and said, in Turkish, "Hav Hav," which translates in the Langenscheidt's Universal English-Turkish, Turkish-English Dictionary to "Bow" or "Wow".


This guy's shell reminds me of a Roman soldier's armor when Rome ruled much of this part of of the world.


These people, from near Sinop, enjoyed talking with us (read that word as "Tara"). The boys looked through my scope at a white egret, and one of them ran home and brought us back six ears of corn. The father told us to give it to the cook where we stay tonight, and he would fix it for us for dinner.


Tobacco hangs from drying racks. Smoking is widespread among the men all over Turkey.


Ladies in the confortable shade, preparing tobacco for the drying rack.


Horse-drawn wagons mixed easily with the cars in towns and on the highways.


We enjoy a tea and ice cream stop in Cide.


Our favorite hotel was the Belde just west of Ordu. We had dinner between the olympic-size swimming pool and the sea. There were 17 salads to choose from, and after the dust settled I hated only 15 of them. Of course, in the Bob Lutman/Missouri tradition, I didn't try any of the 15.


A crane, whose arms were entirely decorated with lights, unloads a ship that we watched dock near our hotel west of Ordu.


The town of Ordu is neatly lit up at night, and visible from our balcony, in the Three-Star Hotel Belde.


Women culling and setting out to dry hazelnuts from the Giresun region, along the coast. Corn grows in the background.


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