Thanksgiving 2004 with Sharon's parents in Gardnerville, NV, near Lake Tahoe


The perfect Christmas tree


Canada Geese flying over in snowstorm


Sharon loved this red fence


Two-story birdhouse looks cozy to them


Joshua tree has seen many snows


Our truck looks a little cold


I piled up the snow, Sharon is crafting a snow woman


Ed and Gretchen want me to hurry and snap the photo so they can go back inside. Sharon's pashmina sets off the snow woman, as well as walnuts for eyes, and an electrical cord wire wrap for her mouth


Looking at Job's Peak, over the house across the street


There was beautiful cracked ice on our windshield


The roads are dry, just the way I like them for the five hour drive back to San Jose.


Snow scene during the drive home


Can you find the animal hidden in this picture, taken when we were down out of the snow?


Family Trips