Photos of the New Place in mid-Move. June 21, 2005

Gretchen, disposing of evidence, in the "old" house


Entrance to Carson Valley Residential Care Center


Main room of their one-bedroom apartment.

Mini-kitchen and Gretchen's desk on the left. New dining table at right, pantry/entry closet in far right corner, by entry door. Actually there is NO COOKING ALLOWED in the units. All three meals are provided every day. You can have a microwave, coffeepot, plus you can see the small fridge on the floor, beyond the desk.


Main room, looking from entry door.

Bedroom door is just visible at left, beyond dining table. TV will go at left, couch and lamps at right. Coffee table will go in front of air conditioner. Glass hutch will go in far right corner (where chair is). Tall bookcase will go in far left corner (where dolly is). Expect this to change.


Bedroom. Gretchen's bed is next to sliding glass door.


Hallway, looking toward dining room from in front of Ed and Gretchen's apartment (which is to your immediate right).


Dining room


Interesting decorations inside residence, near entry


A pair of one-arm bandits, smack in the dining room. Only in Nevada! But a way to pay for your rent. Heh heh.

Small area outside their bedroom sliding glass door


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