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Friday November 21, 2008. Uncle Peter. Volleyball Championship. A Movie. Day 5 of 21.


I'm up early. An email from Aunt Nancy says that Peter passed away at 8:30 last evening, Turkish time. In the once-terrible vernacular of older people, not only did he know how to live, he knew how to die. I'll miss knowing he might call me at any moment with a question such as, "Can they tell where a bird that's migrated down to South America came from?" A local service will be held in a couple of days in Cape Girardeau, and another in a few weeks in the Bethel community, around Versailles.

I send emails off to sister Shirley and brother George, and then it's time to get on with life.


Peter and son Daniel. Summer 1974 or 75.

Sharon, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Peter. Summer 2006.


The sunrise is bright and welcome. There's a slight overcast, but initially the sun finds no clouds and shines clear. A Neptune Lines ship comes into the bay, and we think it's to pick up cars, built at the manufacturihng plant across the bay.

I finish setting up a website parallel to on ixwebhosting, called, in preparation for dumping Earthlink soon.

It's Mandarin oranges and juice for breakfast. Then Sharon and I go downstairs to do some birding. We see a number of birds, and want to use the bird songs and calls in my iPod, which is upstairs. I go back up to get them, then back down, forgetting my binoculars {DOH!, the trip up and down the stairs is quite an effort as Tara and Cihan live on the top floor. Bob is trying to save his knee that has been iffy since he hurt it in our trip in the Spring so he doesn't go back up to get the binocs but we share mine}. But the iPod successfully calls in a very curious European Goldfinch, with its red, white and black face.

European Goldfinch (photo from the internet)

Cihan comes home for lunch and we have kofte, salad, french fries and I have orange juice. Kofte is kind of like hamburger beef, wonderfully spiced, roughly in a small sausage shape. Cihan goes back to work, but wearing his volleyball uniform for his game he told us about.

We walk down, catch the bus and go into the gym where the volleyball match has already started. We learn in the next few hours that it's a best 3 out of 5 game match. The first four games are to 25 points, must win by at least 2 points, whereas the fifth game - the tiebreaker, if needed, is to 15 points, must win by 2.

The match is between the Naval Aviation Group and the Golcuk Shipyard Group, of which Cihan is a member. They are wearing white uniforms with blue lettering, {the other team wearing blue uniforms}. There has been a tournament, and this is for the championship of the entire naval base. Cihan is the spiritual and butt-kicking leader of his group. They won first place last year, the first year he was in the group, and they hope to repeat. Cihan says they have beaten this team before, and he expects to win. That's Cihan.

Here are some photos from the match.

Cihan (#11) Above the Net


Congratulations on a Slam


The Fans Are Tremendously Excited


The Championship Team Poses with the Two Referees

Cihan's team won the first game, then lost the next two. In the fourth game, Cihan's team was even at 23 each, then we scored a point to be up 24-23. We also scored the next point to win 25-23. This tied the match at two games apiece, and set up the fifth game - the tiebreaker.

From the photo above, you can tell who won. It was all very exciting, and we got deeply into the spirit. Our team had a cheering section including a fellow with a drum. In the excitement of the games, he ripped, then shredded first one side of the drum, then the other. I was hoarse from yelling. {It felt a lot like being at a high school football game, where everyone is cheering and so excited for their team. We would "change sides" when the teams did, getting all of our stuff and moving to the bleachers next to the side of the court our team was playing on every time they changed sides. A lot of good-natured joking as the bleachers rearranged themselves for each phase of the game.}

We have memorized a few colors in Turkish. Beyaz (say bay-ahz) is white, and Mavi (say ma-vee) is blue.One of the yells was:

Ma-vi, Bey-az
Ma-vi, Bey-az

After the match, we went home so Cihan could shower, then rest a bit, after which we drove to the new Dolphin shopping center to see the James Bond 007 movie. We were early for the movie, and Cihan had a burger at Burger King while I bought a chocolate sundae. Tara had a sort of pizza with no cheese. Cihan's burger was incredibly spicy. He took it back, told the manager, who said it had the wrong sauce on it. She gave him a new burger, which, of course, tasted exactly like the first one.

Sharon and I had popcorn and a coke in the theater, just like our usual Friday movie date in San Jose. The popcorn needed salt, also like San Jose popcorn.

After the movie, we drove the 30 minutes home, and hit the sack.

Good Night All.

Birds: European Goldfinch.

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