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Trip Log 23.  Day 24 and 25. Begin Recovery, Jazz. Day Trip to Summer Beach Apartment.

Day 24. Friday November 5, 2010. Recovery and All That Jazz.

This two-day report is mostly photos. I don't do any audio digital recording today, as I usually do. I concentrate on recovery. Which seems slow, but I quickly lose my queasiness and am just left with weakness to overcome.

Sharon gives me soup and crackers, Power Ade and Cipro. The four cornerstones of recovery. Wait, plus sleep. The five cornerstones. Well, having the bathroom close. OK, the six cornerstones of recovery. Wait, not riding up winding mountain roads. OK, the seven famous cornerstones of recovery. The recovery heptagon. Somebody hep me.

I go down the stairs a couple of times, but man, I can hardly get back up. It is take a step, huff, rest, another step, puff, rest. It's unbelievable how quickly muscle strength leaves me when this thing happens. And, looking to the next day or two, how fast it comes back as I exercise and walk.

By the end of the day, I feel quite a bit better, and sit at the dinner table, eating my soup and crackers, but as Sharon says, NO FRUITS OR VEGETABLES. I watch the tomatoes pass me by. That makes me want to get better fast. The good-tasting tomatoes of the summer and fall are a thing of the past now in the Bay Area. And they are still tastily delicious here. Emma says it is the long growing season and good climate. {It's just great to see his appetite come back. Now we can actually think he's getting better.}

Although I'm better, I'm still weak, and decide early in the day not to go to the Jazz music festival tonight. But my three compatriots go, plus Emma and Ramon invite a lady friend of theirs {Begonia, what a great name.} to go also. Sharon takes "her" new camera, and comes home with excellent photos, as you see below.

{This building is The Palau, and the architecture is beautiful as you can see. }

{We see a jazz concert that is part of a Jazz Festival they are having in Barcelona. There is also a choir with beautiful voices (is that becoming a theme for us?) and speakers who read poems celebrating the Catalonian world and independence.}

(L) Begonia and Emma, (R) Emma and Ramon, posing in The Palau.

Day 25. Saturday November 6, 2010. Day Trip to Summer Beach Apartment.

We all finally feel good enough to celebrate my birthday, and Emma and Ramon do their bad selves great. What a cake, putting into pictures a) the front of an "I Go Pogo" book I gave Ramon, or maybe he stole it from me 43 years ago - we can't quite remember. And b) a photo he took of me during our penny trip to Las Vegas in '66 I think it was. I say penny because I hit the jackpot on a penny slot, and won something like $2.85. Woohoo.

(L) The Four Musketeers (R) Lovely Emma in her kitchen.

Sometime during my recovery, we bought Sharon a new ring and here it is, in all its beautiful pink coralness.{How come my hands look so old in pictures of me wearing new rings? I noticed this in Hawaii when Bob took a picture of my hand. It couldn't possibly be that my hands are getting old!? I know the rest of me isn't. Ha, Ha.}

After the cake, we take a peaceful drive up north about forty kilometers, to their beach apartment, which is right on the beach, of all places domingo, in Caldes de Estrac, or Caldetas, Ramon calls it. Then we break out the cameras and here are the results of that.

Then we go to their apartment, which is about forty feet from the water. {As is true for many Barcelonians, they go to the beach during the hot summer months and the breadwinner commutes back and forth. Their kids grew up here swimming in the Mediteranian, we only touch it. Bob is brave enough to put his feet in.}

We have a tour through the cozy apartment, with Mediterranean view, and here are a couple of Ramon's Paintings de Excellentas.

Lobster' de Stufftes

OK, not that one.

Another couple they are good friends with comes to the apartment, and they are very nice, typical of all Ramon and Emma's friends we have met.

Xavier and Isabel.

After visiting with their friends a bit, the friends have to leave to meet someone, and we have to leave to meet a restaurant where they know the owner. They've ordered something special for me, and I can't wait to taste it. I'm back - way.

It turns out to be the best chicken soup I have ever had, and my compliments to the chief chef - their friend. {I have the best warm brownie I have ever had with creme Brulee ice cream on the side. YUM.}

Then it's home. We don't want to wear me out. I shoot a few final pictures on the way.

(L) Nice colors on a nice day. (R) View from just outside the restaurant. {This town, Caldetas, is famous for its hot springs. They have spas here to soak in.}

(L an R) More views in the town.

I think this is a wind-driven generator.

My new camera {MY new camera? Does anyone else notice that "Sharon's camera" morphed into "our camera" and now "my camera"? Well, he does take most of the pictures AND read the manual so now he knows how to do many things on it that I don't. Enjoy, Bob.} has a panorama mode, where you keep snapping the shutter as you rotate steadily, left to right, for about 12 seconds, and the camera produces a panorama, like the one below, of the beach. The CAMERA!

We play pictionary when we get back, boys against the girls a-course. Now each team makes up words for the other team to do, and I'm doing simple words, till I hear Sharon say, from the other room, "Well, we've gotta put in some hard ones too." Ah, so that's how it's gonna be. I toss out half the simple ones, and replace them with difficult ones. Ha!

We play, and I gotta say we kill the womens. That's because the ones Sharon said were gonna be hard, were not hard at all. And the ones I made be hard were impossible. That's how Ramon and I roll. They give us 'television'? We give them 'transmission.'

I feel like I just stole some candy from a couple-a babies.

So I finally wear out, and it's off to the top floor to bed. I'm stronger now, climbing the steps. Tomorrow we plan to visit Park Quell, designed by Gaudi himself on a bare hilltop, and I'm really looking forward to this. And if I'm still strong afterwards, we will visit another famous and accessible Gaudi building.

Tomorrow is expected to be clear and mostly Gaudi.

Good night all you princes and princesses, can't wait for tomorrow. Only a few more days now.

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