Turkey 2013

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 3. Day 3.  Monday, September 30, 2013. A Second Little Day.


Cihan is up and dressed, has breakfast and leaves for work. He has a sweet situation because work is a five minute drive.

Tara fixed Cihan breakfast earlier, and now she fixes ours. Here is Sharon, waiting with reading material, a cup of coffee and her binoculars on the balcony, looking for birds. She is very happy.


I have had an upset stomach yesterday and during the night, and we're wondering if this is the regular thing I have gotten in Turkey three or maybe all fivour of the four times we've visited here before. If it is, I need to get on Cipro antibiotics immediately, which I bring to every international trip now. But I'm not sure it is. Tara has to walk fifteen minutes or so to her shipping store to mail a package, and I want to go with her, to get a feel for the severity of my upset stomach. I've been losing water through that process, and feel weak and dehydrated, and I figure this walk will tell me one way or the other.

So after breakfast, off we go, the two of us. We pass a Hooded Crow. It looks like a black crow with a grey vest on. To me, I see no hood. The bird is black, and the head is black, so I don't get it. But the deal is that around his neck, grey is the normal color, so his hood is black. I still can't get used to it. I mean I recognize it instantly and ID it correctly, but that part of my brain that makes an initial impression will not let go for me to adjust to reality. Stupid brain. {I always think the grey on the shoulders is the grey hood folded back like you do when you don't have it over your head. Does that help, Bob?}


We exit the naval housing entrance, and pass this mosque on the way to the shipping store.


Then back home, through the base entrance and up to the apartment. I feel weak, but it seems to me that maybe I'm not all THAT weak, so I don't start the antibiotics. Still... . {Here is where I will typically bug him until he starts the medication which works like magic for him. Usually within 12-18 hours after starting the Cipro he feels better.}

We continue on with the day. I'm 2/3rds of the way through my Lee Child "A Wanted Man." I don't want to put it down, it's so exciting, but I barely can and do.

Not much happens the rest of the day. I work on getting out our first trip report, nap a couple of times, have a light lunch, though I don't remember what (probably sliced tomatoes and pizza), and read, read, read.

Cihan comes home and shows me his setup for downloading recent movies, TV shows and specials. Very elaborate, totally organized, and is connected to their Samsung Smart TV. He can access any of his downloaded material (which is in the computer room) directly from the TV room. Fantastic. All in HD, if the original downloaded movie is HD, which is defined by his selections.

Around six pm, I talk it over with Sharon, and we decide that this is likely the usual thing I get in Turkey, so I start the every-12-hours course of Cipro. I continue with the upset stomach (code: upset stomach = the "dire rear", as one boy wrote his mother from summer camp).

In the evening, Tara fixes her special turkey and peas dish. I eat mine, and I'm all alone as the only person who's not real fond of it. {LOVE the fresh peas!}Afterwards, Cihan makes some more noodles. Only this time, he used whole wheat flour, and uses a different attachment, to make wider noodles, as opposed to the angel hair pasta he made earlier. This is, by what Cihan calls it, fettucini, based on the width. We are going to enjoy it tomorrow for lunch.

After dinner, each of us does his or her individual thing, then about ten or eleven o'clock, it's Rummikub time! One of my favorite times of the day. For no reason at all, I am continuing to get great tiles (e.g. both jokers on the initial 14-tile draw), and win a few games. But we blink our collective eye, and it's one am. Time for sleep, especially for Cihan, who has to get up and go to work tomorrow.

And that's it for Monday September 30th. Since this was a little day, and it looks like tomorrow will be another little day (for me)

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