Turkey 2013

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 4. Day 4.  Tuesday, October 1, 2013. A Third Little Day.


Over the past few days, Cihan has made regular angel hair pasta and wider whole wheat fettucini pasta. Today he fixes each of us a plate that contains both. Tara has made a killer sauce that he put over all of it. Mama Mia is it delicious!


So now, for your entertainment, I give you a candid shot of each person eating the wonderful pasta dishes.

Nice, huh? {Cihan says making the pasta is like meditation for him, that all the concerns of the day go away and he just focuses on the dough and the KitchenAid pasta maker which is pretty remarkable to watch.}


I still can't decide if I'm getting sick or not. Tara is going to walk over to the nearby shopping center for a haircut appointment, and I am going along, to again get a handle on my strength status. I am moderately worn out from the 10-15 minute walk. As we make our way around the center, I get this bit of hanging art.


I suggest we go back down to the ice cream/tea place we saw yesterday or day before. I will hunker down with tea and ice cream, my book and maybe a nap. Tara leaves, then comes back because although she has made an appointment for exactly 3 pm, the stylist is shocked to see her walk in. He says to come back in twenty minutes. He knows how to take the reservation, in the words of Jerry Seinfield, he just doesn't know how to KEEP the reservation.

But as you understand, the time goes by, and she takes off again. I finish off my ice cream and the tea and resume reading my book. Quickly however, sleep overtakes, and the next thing I know, Tara is waking me up.

We walk back to the apartment, and I am bushed. I talk with Sharon, and we agree that I should start the Cipro. The course is six tablets, 12 hours between each. I take the first one, and feel much better mentally, though I still need a day or so to begin recovering. Meantime, I nap.

Tomorrow, Tara and Sharon are going to bus/walk/train/ferry to meet Tara's college housemate Kimberley, who is in town for a conference (I think). They are going to have lunch, and take in a couple of museums. I'm hoping I'll be strong enough to go, but doubt that that will be the case.

So that's it for today. May you have the courage and grace to handle and enjoy whatever comes your way. Wait. What? What I mean is, "Have a good'n."


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