Turkey 2013

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 10. Day 10.  Monday, October 7, 2013. Little Day. Stayed In.

No words needed today, other than this line, which, when I think about it, isn't needed either.

{Tara introduced us to "House of Cards", a "TV" show that is streamed from NetFlix. We saw that it got great reviews at the Emmys but we couldn't see it on "regular" TV. We watched a couple of episodes and now are hooked. May have to resubscribe to NetFlix when we get home. Otherwise it felt good to just rest, read, knit and recover from our bigger day yesterday.}

Oyasuminasai (Good night/Japanese),

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