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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 11. Day 11.  Tuesday, October 8, 2013. Little Day. Swifts


As we're looking out the window to the harbor, Cihan says, "See that Ro-ro boat?" I don't know how to answer that question that itself asks a question. I say, "Cihan, what's a Ro-ro boat?" He says that it’s a special ship for transporting semi trailer rigs, (truck and trailer together}, to take a shortcut across the water, save time and miles, and immediately take off, as opposed to container ships which set the containers down, and then the containers wait for a semi to pick them up.  {I say "it's like a ferry for semis" and Cihan agrees.}

So looking out over harbor and suddenly a big flock of birds come by -- black, swallows? But no, they are swifts, then I notice another flock 3x as big as the closer flock, also swifts. Sharon said maybe they’re migrating.

I call Kerem, our bird guide for tomorrow, to verify that he knows what bus stop in front of our complex, to pick us up at. He is in the car driving somebody (I forgot that he told me he had a client today also) asks can he call me back. I say sure.

It's lunch time. I get three boiled potatoes from the ridge, peel them, cut them up, microwave them, use butter salt and pepper. I add two tomatoes, then top lunch off with pineapple chunks, some cashews. {Have you noticed how much of our reports are about food? It is the welcome here, the entertainment, as well as nourishment. We enjoy all the different flavors we have tried (well maybe not the yogurt).}

We decide to order pizza for dinner. I'll let you guess the restaurant the delivery came from, from the pizza box photo below. The pizza was excellent by the way. Cihan ordered "Extravaganza", which we would call Everything, I suppose. Sharon and I asked for pepperoni, black olive, mushroom, and some corn, as it turned out, sprinkled on the pizza and baked along with it.


A little later, Cihan or Tara says,"Look at the moon, with Venus". That's the photo below left. There is still light in the sky. I zoom out so you can see the moon and Venus (if you really work at it), the sunset and the evening lights, in the photo at right.


I zoom in for a closeup of the moon, then a half-hour or so later, take the same shot as the first one, but it's really dark now, and you can see two additional stars.


I start assembling all my stuff for tomorrow's bird trip in the living room on the couch. A young woman friend of theirs drops in, and we visit for a while. Her name is Nuray. She and her husband live in an apartment in our building, but below us. (Her husband is serving in Germany and she has been there all summer, but she is a 4th grade teacher and has come back for the school term.}

So that's about it. When Nuray leaves, I finish getting ready for tomorrow. Not quite it. Cihan asks if we've got 30 seconds. My voice is going and I feel like I have to go to bed immediately, but hey, how long can 30 seconds take. 15 minutes, is the answer to that question, and that got us halfway through the video he wanted to show us. It is an 8-millimeter movie, actually, transferred to an mp4 file, so it will play on a computer. So far, it is of the days before and after his birth.

I go in to do some last-minute-before-bed stuff with today's photos and voice files, and Cihan asks do I have two seconds. I chuckle and hesitate. He starts showing this

Iyi Geceler (Good night/Turkish),

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