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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 0. Day 0.  Thursday May 30, 2013. At San Francisco International Airport (SFO), waiting to take off for London.

1 Toy Story's Woody will be traveling with the girls, is kicking back till they call us. Granddaughters Mikayla and Samantha will be doing a video travel log, and Woody will appear in some of them.

2 On the plane in SFO, ready for travel. Normal coach seats on a United 747-400. Almost nonexistent leg room. We are waaaaaay back there. That's Mikayla, or Mac, by the window, and next to Sharon. Samantha, aka Sam, is in the row behind, and gets a window seat, thanks to Grandpa who, although he HATES the middle seat, sacrificed.

Our friend Bob Ross came with the four of us in our Chevy six-seater pickup, and he then drove the pickup back to our house, parked it in the driveway and returned home. Thanks Bob! He will pick us up on our return, so double thanks.

There were three movies on this flight, none of which I can recall. There was a lunch and a breakfast but no dinner. I expected a dinner. I had two big complaints about the flight, 1) not getting a dinner, and 2) the lack of leg room was unacceptably prohibitive. I hated that. It was a pretty miserable flight for me. But you know me, always complaining.

Going against the sun, the time flew, and midnight occurred somewhere over the arctic, then it was May 31st.

I leave you now, with all of us at least semi-snoozing.

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