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Report Number 1. Day 1. Friday May 31, 2013. London Arrival. Train to Hotel. Bird Feeders - No, No. Hop On Hop Off Bus. Just Let Me Sleeeeep.


Left: Hello from the top step of St. David's Hotel Entrance, our home for the next three nights. When we checked in, a very competent, friendly part owner young man named Alex made sure we were happy with the room selections. We wound up being on the same floor as the lobby, and the girls were, are you ready for this, on the 5th floor. And as many of you know, that is called the 6th floor in the U.S.

Right: Wind and the small spaces between pavers blew flower petals into a pleasing arrangement.

Left: Mac, who loves animals, is in British Heaven. Right: We later learned that there is a 500 pound ($750) fine for feeding the pigeons. But Officer Bobby, they stole that seed from us. No feeding. No feeding.

Left: Having just passed Big Ben on this bridge, we get a look at the London Eye - one of our targets for tomorrow. Right: Trafalgar Square, as a little girl holds one of the lions back.

Left: Grandpa dreaming of being on the Hop On Hop Off Bus in London. No, REALLY. Right: A HOHO Bus like ours. I made up that 'HOHO' thing. I never heard anybody say that.

Today's Story: My objective was to do the Hop On Hop Off bus on arrival day (since we were to land at Heathrow at 7:10 am), to give the girls a broad view of London. The problems were 1) Mac and Sam and I took turns sleeping, 2) it was actually hot, and 3) it went on FOREVER. It was Sharon who saw what was happening first, and we voted unanimously to get off, get a taxi, and have him take us back to our hotel. We loved that. We went to a local restaurant for dinner, then it was back to our rooms and more rest.

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