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Report Number 2. Day 2. Saturday June 1, 2013. Tower of London. The London Eye. Westminster Abbey.

Left: On the Circle Line of the Underground - the "Tube". Right: Just in the Tower of London Property. This is the first Beefeater that Woody has ever met.


Left: A Tower Guard, on duty. Right: We think that Woody's in the smaller armor suit.


Left: The Tower Bridge, as seen from the Tower of London. Right: An artful bowman, ready to defend the Crown Jewels


Left: Inside an Eye capsule. Right: Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben from our London Eye view.

We booked our Eye tickets the night before, so got to skip the huge ticket-purchasing line.

Left: A capsule from the TV show "Dr. Who," painted on a display near the London Eye. Both Mac and Sam are totally into the Doctor. Right: Westminster Abbey

Woody, kickin' it with Big Ben, near the end of the day.

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