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Report Number 3. Day 3. Sunday June 2, 2013. Changing of the Buckingham Palace Guard. The British Museum.

Left: Take the Tube. Please. Right: Periodically, the guards would step out of their Attention stance, and walk back and forth four or five times, then resume Attention.

Left: One of the guards actually peered into the guard house, I guess to make sure its empty. Right: There was lots of procedural things that seemed to be a waste of time to me.

Left: What? You want me to look UP? Right: Mac imitates the wide-eyed look of the head on the table.

Left: Why is this Egyptian door here? Right: The famous hieroglyphics decoding stone, aka The Rosett Stonea.

Not sure who this fellow was, but I liked it as a carved statue.


The story: By this day we were organized. We saw three things today - The changing of the guard, the British Museum, and Westminster Abbey. We actually went into the Abbey for the Saturday evening service.

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