Alaska 2014

NOTE: Prior to leaving Denver for Alaska, two different things transpired: 1) Trip from San Jose to Denver (Day 1-4), 2), nine day visit with Daughter Shani's family (Day 5-13). I will catc you h up on these later, or maybe never - we'll see. In the meantime, this is the FIRST REPORT of officially striking out with Alaska as the primary destination. Sharon says our vacation is divided into five parts:

1) San Jose to Denver,
2) Visit in Denver,
3) Drive to Alaska,
4) Two week touring with sister Shirley and husband Jerry Lewis,
5) Drive from Alaska to San Jose.

So we are now beginning Part 3.

NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}.  Comments added AFTER coming back to San Jose are in [square brackets].


Report 14. Day 14. Sun, May 18. Resolving Uncertainties. Then Daughter Shandra's near Denver to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What a day. There is a report of a recall on our new truck. Nothing serious, just a possible random loss of all steering! The big question: Is our truck subject to this recall, which would involve staying till tomorrow, twisting the arm of the local Medved Chevrolet dealer in the Denver area to take us first thing, then heading out Monday afternoon - a two day delay right off the bat. I have sprinkled in three "bank" days on the trip to Alaska, to use however we want, and this would use up two of them. The design of our bank days is to have an extra day's rest every 3 days, unless unexpected equipment repair days are needed. This would really put the pressure on us to drive straight through with only one day in reserve, crossing our fingers that we have no mechanical trouble. All this of course because sister Shirley and husband Jerry already have their Anchorage arrival date fixed..

There are a number of arguments that our truck is not involved. 1) When we call Chevy's computerized number with my cell phone number (in their registry, associated with our exact truck), they say in a computer "lookup" recording that there are no recalls against our truck, 2) We had the truck serviced on Tuesday and no mention was made of this, 3) we've driven all the way to Denver from San Jose, pulling our trailer, and we never lost steering (thank You, thank You), and 4) a letter was overnighted to each affected owner Wednesday for arrival Thursday. We didn't get one (we called our neighbor who went through our accumulated mail, and he said there is no such letter)! The key argument for taking off on our trip before checking Monday morning is the lack of letter. We decide to head out.

We have arranged to call D and J Towing to bring our trailer up the steep driveway, onto the right-angle turn paved road above the house. When we drove it over this crown, the trailer crunched the corner of the pickup truck. Dangit! But the past is in the past. Let it go. But learn from it. We call them and they say they will be there within an hour or so.

A fellow named Dana arrives with a huge momma wrecker, including a fifth wheel hitch on a boom that he can extend backwards about 3 feet, and raise and lower. He is the 'D' of D and J, and is extremely friendly and competent. He wishes he were going to follow us to Alaska, but the busy season is coming, so he'll stay here, rescuing people like us. AAA will cover the cost of this, but we must pay, then apply for reimbursement. He hooks up to us and takes us up, "dropping" us in the road right in front of daughter Shani's house. We come in and hug everybody in the house a couple of times. It's always a little sad to say goodbye to our loved ones we see only a couple of times a year or maybe even less. But it's been a grand visit, lots of fun, lots of food, lots of laughs. Shani and Jeff, Mac, Sam, Syd and Tommy, we'll see you next time. You guys are awesome!

Here's some of the gang, on the "back" porch - the one facing the paved road. Left to right, that's Bob Ross, Mike Flaherty, Carrie Ross and Jeanie Flaherty. Carrie was my first wife, and is married to our good friend Bob Ross. Jeanie is Carrie's older sister, and is married to Mike. They've been here for 8 days, all flew together and rented a van, and we've had a blast running around Colorado with them, and with Shani's.

Jumping forward the entire rest of the day, here we are in our first RV park after Colorado. It's in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and is AB RV Park I think. Very average with poor WiFi, but good cable TV. Check the next photo for the small sign in the motorhome's window right across the lane from us.

Yeah, Baby!

We may run into them on the trip up. It'll be fun to keep an eye out.

Good night all, more later, as campground WiFi availability permits. We shut off our iPhone cellular data capability since that racks up charges at the rage of $15,000 a GB by my calculations. I should report that I AM using my old warped slide rule.

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